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Maintenance of Case Covers


Wipe off any loose dirt with a dry, soft cloth and sponge clean with warm soapy water. If heavily soiled, hand wash in warm soapy water and AIR DRY ONLY.

Zipper Care:

Jean Cavallaro uses the best nylon zipper in the world. It will not scratch your case, it is waterproof, and it is flexible, to close smoothly around corners.

If you play a large or heavy instrument, take extra care not to damage the zipper. Continuous bangs at the corners of your case against doors and walls can cause permanent damage to the zipper.

Zipper bug:

The zipper bug squeezes together the zipper halves to close your case cover. Extended use, or lining caught inside the bug, will spread apart the inside of the bug and prevent the zipper from closing. To extend the life of your case cover, use scissors to trim any strands of shearling that may continually jam the zipper bug.