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Teares of the Muses:  Ein Laemmlein










The viol consort The Teares of the Muses is offering a beautiful new CD: Ein Laemmlein: 17th-
Century German Passion Music. Directed by Margaret Panofsky, The Teares of the Muses
is joined by Kathleen Cantrell and Campbell Rightmyer, sopranos; and Morwaread Farbood,
organist. The Teares performers are Margaret Panofsky, treble viol I; Caroline Marris, treble
viol II; David Fenton, tenor viol; Jeremy Brandt-Young, bass viol; and Christina Brandt-Young,
continuo bass viol.

From the first track to the last, the music moves in an elegiac fashion through the most solemn
portion of the church year, Holy Week and Good Friday. The featured works are Capricornus's
lament 'O Traurigkeit, O Herzeleid' and 'Ein Laemmlein geht und traegt die Schuld' its five
movements separated by Tunder's 'An Wasserfleussen Babylon', appropriate chorale settings
' by Scheidt and Sebastiani, and somber dances by Schein and Funck. The distinctively hued
scoring of high voices in combination with viols was an ensemble sound much favored in
seventeenth-century Germany here enhanced by abundant ornamentation.

The CD is available on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, and elsewhere.

CD Baby's address is http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thetearesofthemuses.