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Kung SUPERIO  Recorders

The new series

What the SUPERIO recorders have in common are the baroque sound, a light elegant tone and the potential for dynamic playing.

However, the five different sizes have very different sound characteristics, as described below.

Model Number


Sound Sample


Sopranino (new)                                          Top of Page
For over a year, the Japanese recorder builder Yukiko Yaita has been part of our team, and we gave her the task of designing a new sopranino based on our existing models. With good advice from our top recorder builder, Geri Bollinger, she has succeeded brilliantly in creating an instrument which has both a sweet and a powerful sound. The grenadilla model, in particular, is meant for playing recorder concerts with a modern chamber orchestra.  It is tuned to A442 Hz
2201 Sopranino, pearwood, 2 pc., double holes, curved windway   $255
2207 Sopranino, grenadilla, 2 pc., double holes, curved windway   $430

The SOPRANO recorder has a clear, soft and well-rounded sound.

blowing pressure high
fingering easy, Baroque fingering
length 31.6 cm (12.4")
weight 150 gms (5.3 ozs.)
outer shape high Baroque
block height high
bore wide
window wide
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside oiled
special characteristics requires high blowing pressure; must be oiled


Soprano, Pearwood, 2-pc, double holes, curved windway (cw)




Soprano, Plumwood, same




Soprano, Palisander, same Kung Superio palisander soprano




Soprano, Tulipwood, same

Last one



Soprano, Olive, same




Soprano, stained Castello Boxwood same



For the ALTO recorder, too, we consciously sought a wider sound spectrum. That is why this is an all-purpose recorder, which responds well in both upper and lower registers.                                                             Top of Page

blowing pressure high
fingering easy, Baroque fingering
length 47.3 cm (18.6")
weight 250 gms (8.8 ozs.)
outer shape high Baroque
block height high
bore wide, according to Stanesby Jr.
window large
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside oiled


Alto, Pearwood, 3-pc, double holes, cw  

Maurice Steger plays Vivaldi



Alto, Plumwood, same  




Alto, Palisander, same

Maurice Steger plays Vivaldi



Alto, Olive, same                 Kung Superio palisander alto




Alto, stained Castello Boxwood same



The tenor recorder is distinguished by a brilliant high register (can be played to G''', giving a range of two-and-a-half octaves!) but still has a wonderful depth: strong and with a full sound, even on the bottom notes. Thanks to the richness of its upper tones and its dynamism, it is similar to the traverso and highly suitable for the whole traverso repertoire. But the range of its sound also means it can be used to play contemporary recorder music or modern transverse flute pieces.                                       Top of Page

By popular request, Kung is offering additional keys for their tenor models STUDIO and SUPERIO.

Kung can mount one or two keys on your tenor recorder as required, so as to ensure a comfortable fingering position. $135 each

Keys that I add are shown here. 

$135 for one; $250 for two

blowing pressure high
fingering wide despite keys, Baroque fingering (chart)
length 64.8 cm (25.5")
weight 450 gms (1.0 lbs)
outer shape high Baroque
block height high
bore narrow
window short
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside oiled
special characteristics A=442 Hz, powerful, low tones thanks to long foot with double key, light response, particularly suitable for solo literature. Instrument requires oiling.


Tenor, Pearwood, 3-pc, double c-c# key, cw




Tenor, Cherry, same




Tenor, Olive, same



Extra keys available     Instruments are available with extra keys on holes 3 & 4  Pictures: 1,2,3,4

$134 each key

One of the nicest instruments of this series is the BASS recorder. It has a range of two octaves and a fifth, has good tuning; fingering is no problem thanks to the knick and it sounds amazingly bass (many a Renaissance bass recorder has trouble keeping up!) with a strong, deep rich tone. It is therefore not only ideal for playing in a Baroque ensemble but is also excellent for Renaissance or contemporary music.
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blowing pressure medium, requires a lot of air
fingering large finger holes, somewhat wide, Baroque fingering (chart)
length 89.1 cm (35.3")
weight 1200 gms (2.65 lbs)
outer shape not historical, adapted to the Superio line
block height medium
bore wide
window large
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside oiled
special characteristics Good, low register with a clear highest register, extremely versatile (ensembles and solo). The angle gives an acoustically excellent instrument, which would not be the case via a crook.


2611 stained


Bass, Pearwood, knick (bent neck), double f-f#key, cw

    Piers Adams plays Purcell;

    Piers Adams plays Cima

    QNG Mozart--Studio tenor, Superio B, GtB, CtB

    QNG-Studio Sop, Alto, Superio B



$1,950 stained


Bass, Cherry, sameKung Superio cherry 2603 bass recorder



9622 Adjustable bass end pin:

Stable, easily and quickly put on or taken off

Does not block bore or change pitch of low notes

Requires installing threaded socket in hole drilled in foot joint of bass

Now included on all basses $135; $165 installed
9635 Stand   $86
Key Additions Keys can be added to tenors, basses or even altos. Here is an example of a key added on hole 5 of an older Kung Superio bass.



    Greatbass in C, Knick (bent neck), 8 keys, thumbhole, 1st finger hole, 4th finger ring key hole



9722 Kung Superio Great Bass Endpin, for playing while standing, adjustable from 10.6"-18.9" QNG Mozart--Studio tenor, Superio B, GtB, CtB $155
9735 Kung Superio Great Bass Stand (works well on hard surfaces, not on rugs)   $102

This wide-bore instrument has deep, powerful lows and easy, clear highs for dynamic playing. The narrow wind-channel needs slightly more breath pressure than other greatbasses, but provides pleasant blowing resistance and more control.  The knick style gives the advantages of a direct blown instrument, with quick response. The knick elbow's two ends are the same diameter but of different lengths, allowing adjustment of the instrument height for different sized players.  Fully chromatic with C/C#; D/D#.  Well-designed keywork makes fingering easy.  A ringed key on hole 4 makes the normally weak F# strong and clear in both octaves.  Plays from CC to f, 2-1/2 octaves.  Sound comes out of the side of the foot joint, so the greatbass can be played resting on the floor when sitting, or using an adjustable support post when standing.  The instrument is paraffin impregnated with a lacquer finish.  Height is ~45"; weight is 4 lbs. 

I was prepared to be disappointed after all the hype this recorder has received. However, my first great bass is one impressive instrument! It plays easily over a range of more than two octaves, with a CLEAR and strong sound. The bottom C is very strong and speaks easily, without needing a soft attack. The highs play with surprisingly low breath pressure and speak clearly and easily without the necessity of strong attacks. The keywork is very functional and easy to use, and done to the usual high workmanship standards of Kung.

Subsequent instruments have been excellent.  This is a very popular instrument. Kung has a winner!               Top of Page

fingering easy fingering, thanks to the keys
length 115 cm (45")
weight 1.8 Kg. (4 lbs.)
outer shape free interpretation of Kynseker (greatbasses with 2 octaves are not historically correct)
block height medium
bore wide, angled
window large
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside stained, lacquered
playing position on floor
special characteristics strong, deep register with absolutely clear high register. Extremely versatile (ensemble and solo), strong F sharps thanks to ring key.
Kung Superio stained maple 2722 great bass recorder in C


    Contrabass in F, bocal blown, double F/F# keys                 IN STOCK




    stand to store instrument in upright position

(works well on hard surfaces, not on rugs)




     Instructions, use, fingering chart


The new Kung contrabass is the ideal complement to the rest of the Superio models--a low register partner to the successful greatbass. It has a range of more than two octaves, a wide bore and large fingerholes, and its sound is therefore deep and strong but still rich in overtones. It has a clear high register thanks to the direct blowing position of the bocal tube. The subbass is eminently suitable for ensemble playing, for both traditional and new music. This exceptional instrument can be played seated or standing. Accessories such as a playing pedestal or recorder storage stand make it easier to use. The adjustable length bocal makes it accessible for short or tall players.

The keys for the right hand are mounted on the long foot-joint. This makes them stable and contributes to the instrument's low key noise. The outlet of the bocal is directly over the wind-channel and is the main reason for the precise, direct focused sound. And the top can also be turned so that the airstream goes indirectly to the wind-channel, resulting in a duller, less focused sound. A small removable cup collects condensation from the bocal and can be quickly emptied as needed.

In the words of one customer, "What a great horn! Best $5 grand I ever spent!"

The Bassano Quartet: Breukink Eagle alto, Breukink Dream tenor, Kung greatbass and contrabass

blowing pressure

medium, requires much air
fingering good; more comfortable to play if standing up (chart)
length 200 cm (~79"; 6.6 ft.)
weight 6 Kg (~ 13 lbs.)
outer shape according to Kynseker
block height medium
bore wide, early Baroque
window large
treatment inside paraffin impregnated
treatment outside stained, lacquered
special characteristics strong low register with clear high register thus very versatile (ensemble, solo)

Sorry for the price increase.  Kung has raised the price on this instrument quite a bit as of the first of this year.

Kung Contrabass Flier  Height Adjustment of the Block

I received two contrabasses in June and played one at the SFEMS Med/Ren workshop.  It was a big hit with teachers, students and audience alike.  It plays with a deep, rich, clear sound all the way from the very bottom to the top--VERY nice.  It speaks surprisingly quickly in spite of the long bocal.  I played both the Paetzold and Kung in our Renaissance Band concert.  The Kung takes more air compared to the Paetzold, but the reward is a richer and fuller sound.  My first customer took his to the Amherst Early Music Workshop.  He had people trying to buy the instrument from him.  The Flanders Recorder Quartet borrowed the instrument to use in their performances.  The instrument is impressive to look at and even more impressive to hear.  Another great design from Andreas Kung and Geri Bollinger.    Top of Page


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Kung Classica Recorders

Characteristics: appealing sound that carries well, good tuning and response.  

The larger proportions of these instruments makes them ideal for use in ensembles.


Model Number





Garklein in C, grenadilla




Garklein in C, tulipwood




Sopranino in F, pearwood




Sopranino in F, bubinga




Sopranino in F, grenadilla                        Kung Classica 3207 grenadilla sopranino recorder




Sopranino in F, tulipwood




Soprano in C, grenadilla




Soprano in C, tulipwood                        Kung Classica 3308 tulipwood soprano recorder




Alto in F, grenadilla                      Kung Classica 3408 grenadilla alto recorder




Alto in F, tulipwood



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Kung Studio Recorders

Full, warm, rather deep tone, but at the same time strong, thanks to fairly narrow labium.

Characteristics: full sound, consistent intonation, good response in the upper and lower registers.

Kung Studio Model recorders have a full sound, balanced tone, and a good, easy response in all registers.  Their dark, warm sound is well-suited for ensemble playing.


The construction characteristics are medium block height, wide bore, medium window, paraffin impregnated, matte lacquer finish, in pear (earthy warm sound).  The instrument is 60.8 cm (24 inches) long and weighs approximately 370g (13 oz.).  


Model Number


Sound Sample


  1101    Garklein in C, pearwood sound $125  
  1102    Garklein in C, maple   $125  


Sopranino in F, pearwood





Sopranino in F, maple                   Kung Studio 1202 maple sopranino recorder





Sopranino in F, stained pearwood





Soprano in C, pearwood          Kung Studio 1301 pearwood soprano recorder

Maurice Steger plays van Eyck




Soprano in C, maple





Soprano in C, cherry





Soprano in C, stained pearwood





Folklora Soprano in Bb, pearwood

Andreas Kung plays 'voll dra' - Swiss country music




Folklora Soprano in Bb, palisander





Alto in F, pearwood          Kung Studio 1401 pearwood alto recorder






Alto in F, maple



  1403     Alto in F, cherry   $400  
  1411     Alto in F, stained pearwood   $340  


Tenor in C, pearwood





Tenor in C, maple





Tenor in C, cherry     Kung Studio 1503 cherry tenor recorder

QNG Mozart--Studio tenor, Superio B, GtB, CtB




Tenor in C, stained pearwood





Tenor in C, bent neck, pearwood



  1593      Kung 'Sinor' Knick Studio Tenor, C/C# keys, with 2 additional hole 3 & 4 comfort keys, adjustable thumbrest, cherry wood, hard case     Pictures: 1,2,3,4,5,6



Ordering Information                                                                                                                                                Top of PageSubcontrabass recorder in Bb, by Adriana Breukink

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.

Many people have told me how much they enjoy my bringing my store of instruments to workshops so that they can try many different ones over the course of a few days.  This makes their decision-making process much easier. 

Obviously, when ordering by mail, I can't send you my whole "store" of instruments to try, but I do try to come as close as is reasonably possible.  All instruments can be ordered on approval.  I am happy to send out two or more instruments for you to compare.  For instance, I could send out two or three rosewood altos, or rosewood, pearwood, grenadilla and  boxwood altos for you to sample.  Then you can play them (please, no more than 15 minutes per day, just as if you were starting the breaking-in process), let your friends try or listen to them, and let a teacher try them.  This gives you some feedback on your choice, and gives you more confidence in your decision. 

I want you to be satisfied with your instrument, and feel under no obligation to buy it if you don't like it.  A normal time for deciding is approximately one week.  I, of course, expect any returned instruments to be in like-new condition (see below).  Whether you decide to buy an instrument or not, all I ask is that you pay for shipping costs both ways.

Once you have decided on a purchase, I will bill you. 

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.


I had an instrument returned that smelled of cigarette smoke.  The customer did not smoke, but a visitor did.  I haven't yet succeeded in removing the smell.  I can't sell a smoky instrument, so I do not want to send instruments on approval to households where people are allowed to smoke.  If a smoky-smelling (or mildew-smelling) instrument is returned to me, I will not accept it, and you will have bought it, since it is no longer in like-new condition.  In my experience, hardly any recorder players smoke, so this should be a rare occurrence.  So please, no smoke, mildew or lipstick, and brush your teeth before playing--all things you should do if the instrument were yours.  I hope you understand this policy.


I don't give out customer contact information to other companies.


I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks.  
I accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. VisaMasterCard  


Martin Shelton

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OPEN BY APPOINTMENT-Call--I'm here most of the time, 6-7 days a week


To order, email, phone or write me your request.


I don't give out customer contact information to other companies.

Warranty                                                                                                                                                                                Top of Page

Kung instruments are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship.  Contact David Ohanessian ( for warranty service.

Kung warranty service:

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