Harmonic Recorders - the avant-garde

Increasing numbers of recorderists are searching for recorders with greater sound volume, with new, more expressive colors, and a substantially larger range of notes. Such instruments would make the extension of the traditional recorder repertoire possible. Completely new methods are used in the making of harmonic recorders. This is achieved by new drilling processes and carefully adapted key mechanisms that allow the lower tones of the instrument to overblow into purely tuned, harmonic overtones. Most recorders of the historical type, however, over-blow lower range notes into worthless notes, at best used as trills or piano notes. The overblowing ability of the harmonic recorders, inconsequential at first sight, has revolutionary consequences for the entire instrument:

Harmonic recorders represent the avant-garde in the building of recorders: a new generation in the centuries-old family! We offer two model series to you: The modern recorder of Nikolaj Tarasov and Mollenhauer The recorders in alto and tenor of Maarten Helder and Mollenhauer. Both instruments offer new possibilities for you! Experience fun again!