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The Helder Harmonic Recorder Sound Unit

The Sound Unit is the detachable upper part of the recorder head, which consists of four parts:

 Adjustable Block (patented by R. Strathmann)

The height of the windway exit can be easily adjusted by lightly raising or lowering the block using the little screw on the lower side of the recorder head. By adjusting this height, it is possible for one, for example, to compensate for swelling of the block after lengthy playing. Another interesting possibility achieved by adjusting the height is the ability to make deliberate changes in the tone quality produced.

 Adjustable Windway Ceiling

Unlike in traditionally crafted recorders, the windway ceiling does not run through the body of the recorder head; rather, it runs through a panel that is precisely inserted into the corresponding gaps. A rubber ring holds it in a secure yet flexible position. With the help of two screws on the reverse side of the recorder head, the height of the windway ceiling at the point of exit can be altered by lifting or lowering the panel.

This action changes the distance between the windway ceiling and the block, offering yet another area for tonal experiment.

 Variable Windway Ceiling Inserts

There are a variety of small panels of different wood types that can be inserted into the surface of the windway ceiling. Through the use of different wood types, interesting variations in tone can be produced.

 Lip Control

The heretofore described parts of the Sound Unit offer structural variations and the opportunity for tone adjustment which can be implemented by the player either before playing or during a pause in playing. The “Lip Controlz” feature, however, can be utilized during actual play. By varying the lip pressure the player can tilt the moveable Block and thereby narrow the width of the Wind Tunnel entrance. Through this highly practical method the player can not only create delicate shades of tone color but also control the volume of the respective notes.  The “Lip Control” can be, by request, made, and adjusted to your specifications by us to allow either easier and more sensitive use or to require more force and can even be eliminated.