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Our new machine has arrived! Another step towards the future of recorder making! Our new computer-controlled 6-axis machining center sets course for the prefabrication of recorders in a new dimension: accurate milling and drilling operations within one hundredth of a millimeter on wood and metal, precise undercutting of tone holes and more, reliable and fast & excellent conditions for the optimal finish by hand through our instrument makers.We look forward to the innovative challenges that lie ahead in recorder making!

Big Sur, CA, August 2007,

by Bill Lazar

Mollenhauer Kynseker GSnSATBGtB Recorders  

January, 2019 Price List

Mollenhauer Denner Recorders

These instruments are suitable for demanding players of both solo and consort work. The design concept is based on late baroque construction principles along with consideration for modern requirements concerning sound, attack and pitch. The different wood types offer a variety of sounds. Baroque fingering, pitch 442 Hz. Sizes: sopranino to great bass. All instruments have double holes or keys for the bottom two notes.  Prices                                                                                                   Top of Page  

The 10 year partnership with Ann Morgan has now expired, so Mollenhauer is now producing their own design of the Denner alto, gradually replacing stock of the older Mollenhauer-Morgan models throughout 2012. They also have replaced the Morgan Edition handmade alto with the new Denner Edition, at A=442 and A-415, in both Castello boxwood and grenadilla.  In addition, they have a low-priced version of A=415 altos, their Denner-Line (DL) in Castello boxwood and pearwood.

Some instruments

Fred Morgan Denner Altos

The purpose of the extensive and forward-looking partnership between Fred Morgan's wife, Ann, and Mollenhauer is to preserve, evaluate and develop Fred Morgan's lifetime work.  

Basing his model on the original Copenhagen instrument made by Jacob Denner (1681-1735), Fred Morgan initially developed a Denner Alto recorder with modern pitch (a' = 440Hz) for the Danish recorder player MIchala Petri.

Fred Morgan thus created a recorder with all advantages of the original instrument, great dynamic stability and above all a rich sound in the higher registers, fulfilling the highest demands.

Our "Mollenhauer and Morgan" Denner alto recorder was developed on the basis of this instrument and Fred Morgan's original designs. It is now a part of our Denner Ensemble Set, which has already received a special award, the German Prize for Musical Instruments, for the Denner Soprano recorder.

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Sound Sample




Sopranino, Pearwood



Sopranino, Rosewood (Palisander) 



Sopranino, Boxwood


5024       Sopranino $450



Sopranino hard case



Soprano, Pearwood



Soprano, Rosewood (Palisander)



Soprano, Boxwood



Soprano, Olive



Soprano, Grenadilla



Soprano, Tulipwood



Soprano, European Boxwood




Soprano hard case





5206     Alto, Pearwood     $345
5206DL A415    Alto, Pearwood, A415    $430
5220     Alto, Rosewood (Palisander) $690
5222     Alto, Boxwood $510
5222DL A415     Alto, Boxwood, A415    $625
5223     Alto, Olive $775
5224     Alto, Grenadilla $835
5225     Alto, Tulipwood $845



Alto hard case



Tenor, keyless, Pearwood



Tenor, double keys, Pearwood


5416C comfort tenor     Tenor, double keys + keys for 3rd & 4th holes, Pearwood, hard case

Our Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand.
G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained.
F-key: The right index finger stretches less, making the entire hand relaxed.
C/C#-double key: The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.



Tenor, keyless, Rosewood (Palisander)



Tenor, double keys, Rosewood (Palisander)


5430C comfort tenor     Tenor, double keys + keys for 3rd & 4th holes, Palisander, hard case    $1220

5431 NEW


Tenor, double keys, Cherrywood (VERY nice--rich and full; in my opinion, Mollenhauer's nicest tenor)


5431C comfort tenor  NEW       Tenor, double keys + keys for 3rd & 4th holes, Cherrywood, hard case (VERY nice--rich and full; in my opinion, Mollenhauer's nicest tenor)    $995


Tenor, keyless, Boxwood-Zapatero



Tenor, double keys, Boxwood-Zapatero


5432C comfort tenor    Tenor, double keys + keys for 3rd & 4th holes, Boxwood-Zapatero, hard case    $1020



Tenor hard case



Bass, Pearwood, w/bocal, hard case (redesigned bocal and cap)




Cap for direct blow of 5506 bass




Hard case


5606    Great bass in C, adjustable support spike, stand in hard case (Mollenhauer/von Huene), stained pearwood $3250

When I received my first sample of this greatbass, I was quite disappointed in the breathy, weak sound.  However, Mollenhauer neglected to seal the great bass in a plastic bag, so the instrument dried out during air shipment. After sitting and equilibrating in my shop for a few weeks, I tried it again.  The difference was astounding!  This is one rich, powerful great bass.  It is easily a match for the superb Kung Superio.  The Kung has more of a Renaissance sound while the Mollenhauer Denner has more of the classic Baroque sound.  Several thumbs up for this winner!




Miniature (3"-long) Baroque Recorders, working models in pear, rosewood, tulipwood or grenadilla brooch, tie pin, necklet, earrings



Mollenhauer Denner Edition Sopranos and Altos at A415 and A442

This instrument is modeled after the Copenhagen original instrument of Jacob Denner (1681-1735), with modern pitch (a=440Hz) and Baroque pitch (a=415Hz) in satinwood (sorpanos and altos) and grenadilla (altos)

The tone holes are strongly undercut with reduced diameters. The design produces the characteristic high-baroque sound qualities: Stability of pitch, modulation and dynamic range. 

Mollenhauer has started using satinwood as a substitute for European boxwood. It has some of the attractive tonal properties of European boxwood, and is a beautiful wood.

Sound: Each instrument is tuned carefully over an extended period of time.

Thumb hole bushing, threaded joints

Special warranty: 2 years

Denner Edition Sopranos and Altos



Soprano Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, satinwood, A=442




Soprano Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, historically stained satinwood, A=442




Soprano Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, satinwood, A=415




Soprano Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, historically stained satinwood, A=415




Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, satinwood, A=442



Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, stained satinwood, A=442



Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, Grenadilla, A=442



Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, satinwood, A=415



Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, stained satinwood, A=415



Alto Recorder after Jacob Denner, Denner Edition, Grenadilla, A=415


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Mollenhauer Harmonic Recorders

More and more recorder players are looking for louder recorders with a wider playing range. Only such recorders make it possible to expand the traditional recorder repertoire. These harmonic recorders are built according to totally new principles. With a redesigned bore and carefully adapted key mechanisms, it is possible to overblow the lower tones into perfectly tuned upper tones. Most standard recorders only overblow into weak or out of tune uppers that can serve at best as trill or muted notes. This might seem of little importance at first glance, but the result of this characteristic is truly revolutionary:

* Vastly increased sound volume, especially in the lowest octave, useful for playing with modern instruments and orchestras

* New, fascinating sound characteristics

* Useful playing range well into the 3rd octave

* Easily playable notes at normal volume in the 3rd octave

Harmonic recorders represent the forefront in recorder development: a new generation in the centuries' old recorder family! More information.

The Modern Alto & Soprano Recorders--Mollenhauer and Nikolaj Tarasov

The collaboration between recorder player Nik Tarasov and maker Joachim Paetzold resulted in 1996 in the development of the Modern Alto.  It is the first modern recorder that tollows the principle of Harmonic recorders with pure harmonics and a long bore:  overblowing the first octave will produce clear in-tune harmonics whereas in traditional recorders the resulting sounds are not in tune and can at best be used as trill or alternative fingerings.

Unimportant as it may at firs seem, the ability to produce in-tune harmonics has far reaching consequences for the entire instrument - an incredibly strong and powerful low register and a range extending well into the third octave!

Strong and powerful: This instrument will help you to hold your own when playing with other modern orchestral instruments or with a piano.  It will be equally suitable for playing in a pop, jazz or folk band, in  a string orchestra or a piano trio - this recorder won't go unheard!

A range of almost three octaves:  The easy response and chromatic mobility as well as the extended note range surpasses all traditional models.

Traditional fingering: The Modern Alto used traditional Baroque fingering. Only the notes in the third octave require different fingerings.

SYNPOR block:  The artificial synpor is able to absorb moisture through it micropores.  This way it doesn't swell and remains stable even after long playing sessions.

Choose the voicing of your Modern Alto

Baroque Voicing - Baroque Sound

Modern Voicing - Modern Sound

Modern Alto with E-foot

The lengthening of the foot joint and the additional key also result in adding a semitone, E1, to the low register and opens up a host of additional alternative and trill fingerings.

Modern Alto Review         Narcisse Bousque Grande Caprice 1 (mp3; 932 kb); Johann Sebastian Bach - Allemande aus der Partita BWV 1013 (mp3; 409 kb);

     Bach Brandenburg 4, movement 1, Abbado, w/Michala Petri & Nik Tarasov

     Bach Brandenburg 4, movements 2 & 3, Abbado, w/Michala Petri & Nik Tarasov


Modern Alto                                                                           Top of Page

Fingering Charts Sound File




(for items in stock)

Baroque voicing Modern Voicing
Fingering Chart   5916H    Soprano, Pearwood, triple b/c/c# keys, w/hard case $990
Sound files


  5914H Soprano, Ebony, triple b/c/c# keys, w/hard case $1440
Fingering Chart  


Alto, Pearwood, double keys, w/soft case




Alto, Rosewood (Palisander), double keys, w/hard case




Alto, Grenadilla, double keys, w/hard case


E-foot Fingering Chart   5926E     Alto, Pearwood, triple keys, e/f/f#, w/hard case $1290

Trill Chart

  5920E     Alto, Rosewood, triple keys, e/f/f#, w/hard case    $1395
    5924E     Alto, Grenadilla, triple keys, e/f/f# $1850
    retrofit     E-foot, Pearwood, triple keys, e/f/f# $770
    retrofit     E-foot, Rosewood, triple keys, e/f/f# $835
    retrofit     E-foot, Grenadilla, triple keys, e/f/f# $930
NEW   5924ME+BE

Alto with BOTH Baroque and Modern voiced head joints in a hard case to hold all 4 sections, Grenadilla (available in other woods)

 Modern Alto in G NEW   5936 pearwood, with double key G/G#   $1080
 Modern Alto in G NEW   5934 grenadilla, with double key G/G#   $1535


The Harmonic Tenor/Alto--Mollenhauer and Maarten Helder

These superb new, luxuriously equipped solo alto and tenor recorders with extensive modern keywork were developed by recorder maker Maarten Helder especially for today's demanding players who have greeted the instruments with enthusiasm. This instrument is intended for the professional performer of nineteenth and twentieth century music. 

The harmonic HELDER-recorders are supplied standard with a synthetic Synpore Strathman adjustable block..  This latter "Sound Unit" includes three interchangeable windway roofs and a special mechanism that allows modification of the voicing and control of tone quality and dynamics during performance by the lips, or by an adjustable screw. A 4-key system makes notes easily playable well into the 3rd octave with pure overtones. There is also expanded range below the normal bottom note (on the alto, an E; on the tenor, a B) thanks to a single key for the right little finger. In addition, the tenor now comes standard with a piano key.  Provided with handsome custom-fitted hard case.


Expressive, noble and dynamic in its sound: the right instrument for all looking for a new recorder sound.


Assertive and forceful to compete well with modern orchestra instruments: in modern music, jazz, folk or traditional recorder literature.


Extended tone range in the 3rd octave: Completely new opportunities of repertoire in areas that were impossible for recorder players up to now, for example flute literature.

The fingering for the two lower octaves follows traditional 'Baroque' patterns; special fingerings are only required for the third octave.


Extended tone range downwards through additional key for E1 (Alto) or B (Tenor).


Piano key: allows finest dynamic nuances

The piano key opens up a small hole in the head piece, the tone sharpens and can be played more softly . This is the way to realise finest dynamic nuances!



The sound-unit is the upper removable part of the recorder head piece consisting of four parts:


Adjustable block (patent R. Strathmann)

Through a little knurled screw at the back side of the recorder head joint, the height of the windway exit can be varied by raising or lowering the block in place. Through this it is possible to adjust changes in the windway height in no time at all, for example by swelling of the block caused by long playing. An additional interesting aspect of the adjustable block is the opportunity to access well directed sound variety through variation of the standard windway height.



The 'Lip-Control' is a mechanism to affect the sound during playing: The block can be moved by lip pressure and so it narrows the windway entrance. The player is able to affect the timbre in finest nuances as well as the volume of the particular tone by this highly sensitive medium.


Adjustable upper windway

The upper windway of the sound-unit is built by a plate that can be varied in height by means of two screws on the back of the recorder. So the height distance between upper windway and labium can be varied a broad field to experience sound.


Variable windway covers

The sound-unit comes with small plates to cover the windway, made of different wood types (rosewood, granadilla, Synpor) that can be placed variably as the upper windway ceiling and fixed with a ring. The different structures of the wood types result in different tone qualities.



A wood imitating synthetic material with micropores that absorbs condensation without swelling and for this reason keeps its dimensions. So your recorder bears up even against longer exposure to playing.




2 years guarantee

  Harmonic Recorder Review

Harmonic Tenor/Alto                                                            Top of Page  





Fingering Chart Sound file  

Alto, Grenadilla, with piano key



Fingering Chart  Sound file

Pictures: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Tenor, Rosewood (Palisander), with piano key




Hard & Soft Cases                               Top of Page  




7100G    Garklein hard case $73


Sopranino hard case



Soprano hard case



Alto hard case



Tenor hard case



Bass Hard case



Hard case for SA for Baroque recorders



Hard case for SnSAT for Baroque recorders



Hard case for SnSATB for Baroque recorders



Soft half-moon zippered SA for Baroque recorders


See also Canzonet rolls and other cases on Accessories page


Mollenhauer Kynseker Renaissance Recorders

Sopranos and altos now redesigned for much better intonation and tone throughout the range, with advice from Adriana Breukink.

Renaissance recorders according to Hieronymus F. Kynseker (1636-1686), Nurenberg). This model series is constructed following original instruments located in the Germanic National Museum in Nurenberg. We have expanded these models to a complete consort family while maintaining the essential sound characteristics, strong volume, and external shape of the originals. These instruments are especially noteworthy for their stability in the lower register. The fingering is similar to that of baroque instruments (fingering charts). Pitch 440 Hz, single holes/keys. Sizes garklein to great bass in C.

Kynseker Renaissance


YouTube Video of Kynseker Consort 


Sound Files




Garklein in C, Maple (fingering chart)



Garklein in C, Plumwood



4107-4207-4407-4507 maple consort

Hard Case



Sopranino in F, Maple



Sopranino in F, Plumwood



Soprano in C, Maple



Soprano in C, Plumwood



Alto in G, Maple



Alto in G, Plumwood



Alto in F, Maple



Alto in F, Plumwood



Tenor in C, without key, Maple



Tenor in C, without key, Plumwood



Tenor in C, with one key, Maple



Tenor in C, with one key, Plumwood



Bass in F, with one key, Maple




Great Bass in C, with one key, Maple




Mollenhauer Canta Recorders

The external form of this recorder series was developed in cooperation with teachers. Balanced weight makes holding easier. A versatile and reliable ensemble set with homogenous sound character. In natural pearwood or with mahogany stain. Provided with high-quality cloth carrier. Bass recorders in hard case. These instruments have strong lows and easy highs (at least a 2-octave range), with clear, easy speaking.  They are quite impressive and are popular instruments.  Sizes soprano to bass in F.  

Canta Pearwood                                                    Top of Page  


Sound Files




Soprano, double holes, two piece






Alto with double hole, single key



Alto with double hole, double key



Tenor, keyless, soft case


   2406K     Tenor, keyless, bent neck, hard case

Natural holding position: the 'knick' (bent head) brings the instrument closer to your body; you have a significantly smaller distance to get to the lower notes.



Tenor with C/ C# keys, soft case


2446C comfort tenor NEW     Tenor, as above, w/keys on holes 3 & 4, soft case

Our Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand.
G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained.
F-key: The right index finger stretches less, making the entire hand relaxed.
C/C#-double key: The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.



    Tenor with C/C# keys, bent neck, hard case   $630
2446KC comfort tenor NEW As above, but with holes 3 & 4 keys added, adjustable thumbrest, neck strap loop, hard case $880


Knick Bass with double keys, hard case


2646K NEW    Great Bass, knick, adjustable support spike, hard case (Mollenhauer/von Huene)

Fingering Chart



Versatile, reliable recorder ensemble with an homogenous sound, made of stained pearwood

Elegant, stable sound
a strong low register with light, clearly focused high notes.

Its quick an accurate response

make the Canta Great Bass a reliable playing partner.

The small amount of air
it requires allows free and unrestrained playing - a great bass that plays like a tenor.

Comfortable hand stretch
narrower than on an alto recorder.

The recorder case with many extras
save an incredible amount of space with place for music and integrated recorder stand.

With adjustable support spike

2 years guarantee - a deal without any risk 


This instrument really surprised me. It is their second tier model, but plays extremely well.  The whole range is clear, with easy highs and surprisingly strong lows.  It is not quite as good as the Kung Superio great bass, in my opinion, but it is a lot less expensive, and includes an adjustable support spike, as well as a stand integrated into the case.


Mollenhauer Dream & Dream-Edition Recorders by Adriana Breukink

Shape: Adapted from a medieval recorder, bore based on a van Eyck recorder.

Sound:  A Renaissance recorder with a powerful and robust tone, but with the Baroque two-octave range and fingering.

Tone holes:  Easy for children to find, thus ensuring a confident grip.

Soprano (natural, red or blue), alto, tenor and bass, all at A442 Hz. Top of Page

Dream Recorders for the demands of a soloist
due to their characteristic wide bore and full round sound Dream-Edition (TE-4XX8) recorders are also suitable for demanding solo recorder repertoire. These hand-finished instruments in European plumwood with maple decorative rings combine a colorful rich sound with a stable tone. Baroque fingering and double holes provide surprising agility.

Dream Recorders, by Adriana Breukink


Sound Files




Mollenhauer Dream Sopranos



Soprano, natural, single holes



Soprano, Red, single holes



Soprano, Blue, single holes



Soprano, natural, double holes



Soprano, Blue, double holes



Soprano, Red, double holes


TE-4118   Dream Edition, Plumwood with maple decorative rings




Alto, natural, double holes


TE-4318  Dream Edition, Plumwood with maple decorative rings




Tenor, natural, double holes, double keys



Dream Edition, Plumwood with maple decorative rings




Bass,      pearwood,   natural, knick, Baroque, double holes, double keys.


Full, strong sound


Dream Edition, Plumwood with maple decorative rings, 4 keys, hard case


Pictures: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


All Plastic Dream Recorders

0119R   Red, double hole, NEW


Plastic head, pearwood body
1117B Blue, single hole


Mollenhauer Dream plastic/wood 1117B blue soprano, single holes
1117R Red, single hole


Mollenhauer Dream plastic/wood 1117R red soprano, single holes
1119B Blue, double hole


Mollenhauer Dream plastic/wood 1119B blue soprano, double holes
1119R Red, double hole


Mollenhauer Dream plastic/wood 1119R red soprano, double holes
TRCK117   Pearwood head joint only



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Mollenhauer Flutes

Picco soprano flute

double holes

8105 pearwood


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Ordering Information                                                                                                                                                Top of PageSubcontrabass recorder in Bb, by Adriana Breukink

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.

Many people have told me how much they enjoy my bringing my 'store' of instruments to workshops so that they can try many different ones over the course of a few days.  This makes their decision-making process much easier. 

Obviously, when ordering by mail, I can't send you my whole 'store' of instruments to try, but I do try to come as close as is reasonably possible.  All instruments can be ordered on approval.  I am happy to send out two or more instruments for you to compare.  For instance, I could send out two or three rosewood altos, or rosewood, pearwood, grenadilla and  boxwood altos for you to sample.  Then you can play them (please, no more than 15 minutes per day, just as if you were starting the breaking-in process), let your friends try or listen to them, and let a teacher try them.  This gives you some feedback on your choice, and gives you more confidence in your decision. 

I want you to be satisfied with your instrument, and feel under no obligation to buy it if you don't like it.  A normal time for deciding is approximately one week.  I, of course, expect any returned instruments to be in like-new condition (see below).  Whether you decide to buy an instrument or not, all I ask is that you pay for shipping costs both ways.

Once you have decided on a purchase, I will bill you. 

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.


I had an instrument returned that smelled of cigarette smoke.  The customer did not smoke, but a visitor did.  I haven't yet succeeded in removing the smell.  I can't sell a smoky instrument, so I do not want to send instruments on approval to households where people are allowed to smoke.  If a smoky-smelling (or mildew-smelling) instrument is returned to me, I will not accept it, and you will have bought it, since it is no longer in like-new condition.  In my experience, hardly any recorder players smoke, so this should be a rare occurrence.  So please, no smoke, mildew or lipstick, and brush your teeth before playing--all things you should do if the instrument were yours.  I hope you understand this policy.


I don't give out customer contact information to other companies.


I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks.  
I accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. VisaMasterCard  


Martin Shelton

761 N. Cherokee Rd, Suite C

Social Circle, GA 30025

(770) 366-8596

(866) 511-2981


OPEN BY APPOINTMENT-Call--I'm here most of the time, 6-7 days a week


To order, email, phone or write me your request.


I don't give out customer contact information to other companies.

Warranty                                                                                                                                                                                Top of Page

Mollenhauer instruments are warranted for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship.  Tuning and voicing is also covered for this same period.  Warranty repair is carried out at the von Huene Workshop.

Von Huene Workshop, Inc./The Early Music Shop of New England

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