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Texas Toot, Jun 7-13, Concordia University, Austin, TX

SFEMS Music Discovery Workshop, Jun 14-19, Berkeley, CA

Virginia Baroque Performance Academy, Jun 14-20, Harrisonburg, VA

Baroque Oboe and Bassoon Workshop, Jun 19-25, Portland, OR




SFEMS Baroque Workshop, Jun 21-27, Dominican University, San Rafael, CA

SFEMS Medieval/Renaissance Workshop, Jun 28-July 4, St. Alberts, Oakland, CA

Mountain Collegium, Jun 28-Jul 4, Cullowhee, NC

SFEMS Classical Workshop, Jul 5-11, St. Alberts, Oakland, CA

Port Townsend Early Music Workshop, Jul 5-11, Univ. Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

Amherst Early Music Festival, Jul 5-12, New London, CT

Amherst Early Music Festival, Jul 12-19, New London, CT

SFEMS Recorder Workshop, Jul 12-Jul 18, St. Alberts, Oakland, CA

SFEMS Recorder Workshop, Jul 19-Jul 26, St. Alberts, Oakland, CA

VdGSA Conclave, Jul 26-Aug 2, Altlanta, GA

Viols West, Aug 9-15, Cal Poly, CA

Early Music Week at Pinewoods, Aug 15-22, Plymouth, MA

The Early Music Academy at Rocky Ridge Music Center, Aug 19-23, Estes Park, CO

BCRO/Charles Coldwell, Sep 12, Kensington, CA




Rio Grande Early Music Workshop, Oct 2-4, Las Cruces, NM

BCRO/Tom Axworthy, Oct 3, Kensington, CA

Music of The Eastern European Renaissance/Derek Tam, Oct 10, Oakland, CA




Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat, Mar 11-14, Menucha, OR



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