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Bryce Canyon in the snow (Brrrr); April, 2003


Hi Bill. Got the Paetzold basset- love it! Will keep, thanks.  Regards, CC 2/18
I've been wanting to reach out for a few months now.  We ordered a recorder in August before Hurricane Harvey hit our city.  I remember emailing or calling on a Sunday, and it was a nice surprise to get an answer!  When Harvey hit, our city was at a stand-still for days.  Businesses were closed.  There was no trash pick-up and no mail.  It was the most refreshing feeling to open our mailbox a few days to see the recorder we ordered!  It was a symbol to me that our community was getting some normality back into our lives.  When I see my daughter's recorder, it reminds me of that day!  Thank you! PG, 2/18
Bill, your wonderful web site continues to brighten my life with possibilities, and I enjoy recommending it to new players. Thank you for all you do to share the joy of music and instruments. CP, 12/17
Hi Bill.  I Finally got the Moeck (used Rottenburgh alto) from the USPS this morning, and let it warm up in my house before finally unpacking it and introducing myself. What a beauty! You were certainly right about the cracks, I can barely see them. I couldn't be more pleased! I knew I could trust you and I'm really glad I did. It was so nice of you to put the moleskin on the thumb rest for me, and tuck the cork grease into its little cubby, it was just like getting it from Santa Claus! That is a really nice soft case, by the way, and a total bargain. But the real beauty is the Moeck. Got the low F right off the bat and the warmth and clarity in all the tones are a real delight. So sweet! Please pass on to the prior owners that it has found its forever home here with me! Thanks again for everything, and best wishes! PRm 12.17
Hi Bill.  I've been trying out the (Kung Superio cherry) bass and finally got a chance to show it to Nina yesterday.  It sounds great and looks beautiful, so I'm taking it! DW, 11/17
Hi Bill,  Just wanted you to know that the Roland C-30 digital harpsichord arrived yesterday and all is fine.  What an amazing instrument!  It's even more stunning when it is right before you than any online photos or videos.  It really is a beauty.  I love the sounds and the feel.  It is also beautifully crafted.  It really is hard to stop playing and all the sounds are first rate.  Roland should most definitely carry on with this series and even expand it.  Somehow the wood cabinetry thing really adds something to the experience.  Very satisfied with this. JS, 10/17
The work (key addition, pad replacements) you had done on my Tenor was superb!!   When I first took it out of the box I was a little perplexed by the gold colored key?!? But after playing it I became so happy that I have become positively fond of it! I didn't know that you handled used instruments!  Anyway, thanks again for improving my Tuju, it was a gift from my wife and I was concerned about the quality of the work, but I would never hesitate in the future to turn you guys loose on any of my other instruments! Best Wishes, BB, 10/17
Hi Bill, I had a lesson with Laura yesterday, and after fine tuning my seating and the positioning of the instrument, I felt the most comfortable ever playing a bass. The peg is perfect! Thank you so much. You are a treasure to the recorder community. KS, 10/17

Dear Lazar's Early Music. The package arrived today with my new alto (Kung and Yamaha) recorders and case. First impression... ?  Wildly uncontrolled joyfulness at the sound and feel of the Kung and its case.  Thank you Bill and thank you Greta for the generous time you spent advising me towards this purchase.  I declare this the most satisfactory and genteel commercial transaction of my 67 year visit on your planet.  May Lazar's EMS thrive and may your methods and manner proliferate across the land!  Happily, Stuart

Yay! The (used) Collier flute sounded very nice with the 415 ensemble today, so we would like to purchase both flutes. I'm so delighted to have found the Collier and Stanley flutes on your website. Thank you, thank you, for allowing us to try the flutes, and for being such a great resource for early musicians. AB 5/17
Thank you!  By the way, my Paetzold bass I bought from you has such a beautiful sound that I get so many comments, even or especially from those who bought Paetzold bass recorders elsewhere!!  Many thanks, WM, 5/17
Thank you very much.  There is an amazing difference!  It is comfortable to play (my Yamaha tenor with hole 3 & 4 keys) now.  Regards, LZ 5/17
Hi,  I received it (Yamaha bent neck tenor with added hole 3 & 4 keys) yesterday ....  Thank you very much.  It has made an incredible difference.  I can now play it comfortably.  Regards,  LZ, 4/17
Bill.  Thank you so much for your assistance picking out my 5 new recorders. We're now back in B.C. and I'm still breaking them in with short playing sessions. I'm getting used to their characteristics and must say, the tone of all of them is superb. Once again, I appreciate all the time and help gave me. I LOVE MY NEW RECORDERS!  KG, 3/17
Hi Bill, thanks for following up.  I love it (used Hopf Praetorius tenor) and am enjoying playing duets with my wife's tenor gamba.  JE, 3/17
Hi Bill.  The tenor (Kung Superio cherry 2603) arrived today is perfect shape.  The sound is beautiful.  It broke my heart to put it down after 15 minutes.  Thanks for the recommendation of the Kung. MH, 3/17
Hullo Bill. Thank you for the beautiful instrument (Paetzold contrabass in FF)! It arrived today and it sounds wonderful - I am looking forward to playing with our group and see what 2 Contras sound like together!!!  I think we are going to have a lot of fun!  Thank you for selecting a really nice one - I love the wood colour and my housemate is happy for me to play it a lot as she loves the deep sound. I am calling it George after my father who had a good bass voice!  With best wishes to you all.  NW, 3/17
Hi, Bill.  I received the (Mollenhauer satinwood alto 5959) Elody late Thursday, opened it and played it Friday, (after it warmed up to room temperature, what with the crazy weather here).  I really love it. It's got a very bright aggressive sound, which is ideal for the Celtic band application for which I intend to use it.  Also, I briefly played with added reverb on some contemporary Australian art music by Edward Ross ( and the effect was ethereal and phenomenal.  Very happy!  Thanks again for good advice and a great horn. All the best. GG, 3/17
Hi, Bill.  I am choosing the boxwood Mollenhauer Denner (5416C comfort) tenor, and plan to send the others back to you tomorrow. I took it to my trio's rehearsal today and everyone loved it.  It's so responsive, and it sounds gorgeous within the group texture.  Thank you!!!  EG, 3/17
Hi, 😃,   The bent-neck tenor (Yamaha plastic) with two (hole 3 & 4) keys came and sounds great! I'll have to practice more now.. Thank you for such prompt response to my order.  All my best!  RF, 3/17
Hi, Bill,    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new tenor recorder now that you put the two keys on it.   It is great!     Thank you.   JO, 3/17
Hi Bill. Thank you so much for your note and excellent service. I really appreciate it! It is a pleasure to business with wonderful musicians and fine people. Sorry for the delay in my response. Thank you so much for your excellent service.  I really enjoyed talking with Greta on the phone, and the whole trial experience was incredibly instructive for me.  I will be in touch when I am ready to increase my budget, but of course, I welcome any advice you have during my search for the right wood alto. Many Thanks, DY 3/17
Good on you!!! You have an amazing business!! With international acclaim!!, DM 3/17
Amazing flute (Martin Wenner Rottenburgh) the workmanship is off the charts!  I will e mail Martin thank him! Best, GS 11/17
Hey Bill, I just wanted to send you a quick note and say that the Roland C-200 I bought from you in 2012 is still my favorite instrument, played almost every day. What a gem! It helps me to transcend these present times. I hope you are doing well. Thanks again, AW 2/17

Got it (Moeck alto hard case) and I am VERY happy to have it.  Thanks. DP 2/17

Dear Bill, I received (the used) Klaus Scheele Stanesby Alto today. It is very nice condition and has good sound. I'm satisfied it.  Thank you!! Sincerely, yours HA 2/17

Hi Bill, On another note, I want to tell you that, in just our few short conversations, I've learned more about recorders than I've learned in the previous 15 years. Thank you so much for your help. I hope you will be amenable to future questions. Kind regards,MB 2/17
Thanks, Bill.  It's taking some getting used to, but I love the (Mollenhauer Dream Edition plum soprano) recorder! DK 2/17
Hi Bill I want you to know that I am in love with the (Moeck) Rottenburgh (rosewood soprano)! It has the sound AND the look and feel I wanted. I'm playing it in very carefully, and I'm confident I'll love it for years to come. Thank you for allowing me to try the others. DW 2/17
My wife bought me a very lovely pearwood tenor recorder (Kung Superio tenor) for Christmas, and I love it. DO 2/17
Hello, I bought a Kung Superio (tulipwood) soprano recorder from you in September. I love the instrument. It plays the way I hoped it would and sounds great. AH 1/17

Hi Bill, I am interested in purchasing a wood tenor recorder. I play in an ensemble, not solo, and I love the (Mollenhauer Denner) olive wood alto I purchased from you a few month ago. Which tenors would you recommend for me? EN 12/16

Hi Bill.  My son absolutely loves the recorder cases. They are awesome !! SR 12/16
Hi Mr. Lazar.  The tenor arrived pretty promptly.  I've had a lesson with my teacher and she is of the opinion that the modifications will work for me, as long as I proceed slowly until my hands/fingers adjust.  Good news! Thanks for you help!  I had intended on emailing you to confirm all of the above but you are quicker than I am! I suspect that many fun and challenging days lie ahead! You've really opened up new vistas for us "size challenged" folk! Thank so much for this! Susan  12/16
Sounds like a plan!  Oh and, I LOVE the (Mollenhauer Canta) CBass :) Thanks Bill! SE 11/16

Hello Bill, Please look up the (Mollenhauer Canta with F/F# keys) F-key recorder I purchased for my wife.  Tell me the model and price.  She wants to get me one for Christmas.  I have been playing hers and am getting spoiled rotten using the F-key.  So much easier to hit the low F.  Also love the tone as compared to the Yamaha plastic. JW 11/16

Dear Bill.  The conductor of the recorder group has recommended to me to buy a Yamaha 304B tenor recorder.  I have tried the standard one, but have found it too much of a stretch for my short little fingers.  I have tried another tenor recorder that had a bent neck and two added keys, and found it an absolute joy to play! KK 11/10

Hi Bill. I hope you are well.  I bought a tenor recorder from you a few years ago (with the bent neck and extra keys - it really has made me love playing the tenor without the pain of finger stretching!). KK  11/16

Hello again, Bill. We decided that the Yamaha eco (which I love...) will blend the best with the other instruments in the group.  In the future, I may opt for a more advanced model. MP 11/16
HI, Mr. Lazar, Thank you so much for allowing me to try out the Yamaha tenor recorder.  I have enjoyed these days of experimenting and love the tone of the instrument.  I have determined that the recorder for me would be one with a bent neck and two keys. BT 11/16
Hi Bill, thank you so much for the (Moeck Steenbergen soprano and Mollenhauer Denner) 415 recorders!! They are beautiful and great to play! Only played them for a couple of minutes but I love them already!!!   Again thank you for sending them out to me!  DM 11/16
Bill,  The (Kung Superio cherry bass) recorder arrived today in perfect shape, and I love it already! Thanks again, CM 10/16
I absolutely love your bent neck tenor and have no quarrel with the cost however I shall need to postpone the purchase for the time being. Sigh. JB 10/13
Good morning Bill, Thanks for your quick reply! Indeed the choice in alto's is quite overwhelming and I appreciate your advise.  My choice would be the two Moeck recorders -  Denner and Stanesby -  as I would rather stay with the 440 pitch. Especially the Stanesby sounds attractive; I love the warm sound of the Kung tenor and bass and this might be somewhat alike? JE 10/16
Bill,  I'm loving the boxwood recorders and I'm sure I will grow to love the Sackbut as well. JP 9/16
Hi Bill.  I have the (Yamaha) ECODEAR alto, and love it.   I've just retired, and took out the 300 model Yamaha that I'd played a little bit a few years ago.   The ECODEAR alto I recently purchased does sound nicer. FYI, I'm having fun with the recorder you sent. DP 9/16
Hi Bill,  Almost 3 years since I bought my (Kung Superio cherry) tenor (with 2 extra keys) from you.  I get many inquiries and possibly you have some new clients from Montreal.  Love it and am playing more and more tenor. JR 9/16
Hello!  I'm interested in purchasing a Tenor Gemshorn this month, and I was wondering if you folks shipped instruments or if sales were only in person. I came by to look at the instruments last year and fell in love! Thanks so much! JM 9/16
HI - can you tell me if the item copied below (used von Huene tenor) from your website is still available? If so - would I be able to try it with an option to return if it doesn't work for me? Thanks!!! (I did get a Mollenhauer Canta C-bass from you a couple of years ago and was really pleased with the way that entire transaction went (and I love the instrument!).  PJ 9/16
Hi Bill, I received my (Mollenhauer) alto Denner and I love it!!! I wish I could play it more than 15 min. a day for a week, etc. Thank you for all your help! LB 9/16
Dear Mr. Lazar, I'm interested in purchasing a Wenner flute (A415hz) that would be a good complement to my Wenner boxwood Palanca, which I LOVE and play almost all the time with my small ensemble.  I could purchase another Palanca and be quite satisfied,  but I'm curious about other the playing characteristics of his other flutes, in particular the Oberlender and Quantz flutes. SS 9/16
I love playing my two Paetzold recorders - my great bass in C, and contrabass in F. SJ
I tried a few of your bows at the BFX but have recently shifted my focus to buying a baroque viola. Recently, I tried and loved a tenor baroque viola (the 17+" one) sold by Lu-Mi strings, and I see that you sell them. Might it be possible to discuss ordering one? I am curious about current prices, most importantly. KH 7/16
Bill, Sorry didn't write sooner... Love the Mollenhauer (Denner Edition satinwood alto) recorder... Plays as easily as the other (Mollenhauer Morgan Edition grenadilla) one I have... Look forward to the (Ralf) Ehlert (Bressan A415 alto) but can't see how will be better than these two! Thanks for your help... Look forward to the Ehlert in October...  JH 7/16
I had three at home, sent two back. I love the one (Mollenhaeur Comfort knick tenor) I'm keeping! KS 7/16

Hi Bill, Today I met with my recorder group, and after discussing with them, I decided to get the (used Kung Superio) tulip wood.  I love the palisander, and wish I could have both, but ... So I have packaged the palisander and will mail it to you tomorrow morning.  Thank you! JS  6/16

Hi Bill - recorder arrived yesterday and looks beautiful.  Greased up the cork and gave it a quick spin and sounded lovely.  Thank you !! RJ 6/16
Hi Bill - Loving my new Mollenhauer, but am finding that a thumbrest would likely be helpful. RJ 6/16
Thank you Bill! I'll let you know when it gets here. I'm enjoying the instrument (Roland C-30 digital harpsichord). ... it is a pleasure to play and so nice so nice so nice not to tune! Cari and I even do a couple of low pitch pieces now that I don't have to tune down for a piece and tune back up. Ahhh-- love that! KB 6/16
Bill, I bought a Kung Superio tulipwood alto recorder from you in 11/15 which I have enjoyed, eventually noted a change in playing quality and recently sent it in an got it re voiced, re tuned at Von Huene  (got it back 2 weeks ago)...After the Kung I also got a Mollenhauer (Denner Edition) alto Satinwood which I really love...The Kung works well but I have been spoiled by the Mollenhauer... JH 6/16
Hi Bill,  Am LOVING this (used old German) gamba.  It's funny to me that the early music community is concerned with cosmetics while the mainstream cello world insists that new instruments be so antiqued as to look beat up.  See you soon, JL 6/16
 G'day Bill!  Thank you & all the best. I just adore my new (Mollenhauer rosewood Denner) Alto. It's a treasure to be sure. I love the variedness of the Rosewood/Palisander. So very different to the (Mollenhauer Denner rosewood) Tenor; which I'm also very fond of. Take care & all the best. :LF 5/16
Bill, I received the (Yamaha bent neck with 2 added keys) tenor recorder and LOVE it.   No wonder you sell many of them.  Very light weight and perfect for a smaller hand.  The best part is that it plays easily and beautifully. It may become my favorite tenor, maybe.   Tried it first thing on 2 part Inventions by Bach and loved the response on the really high notes, and the lowest notes as well.  What a pleasure to play. Thanks again for your prompt mailing.  DM 5/16
First, I love the bent Yamaha tenor.  Thank you!  It is a pleasure to play, and the bend takes the strain off my aging wrist.  And, an added advantage, the light weight also is kind to my arthritic right thumb joint. CM 5/16
Bill, I received the tenor recorder and LOVE it.   No wonder you sell many of them.  Very light weight and perfect for a smaller hand.  The best part is that it plays easily and beautifully.
It may become my favorite tenor, maybe.   Tried it first thing on 2 part Inventions by Bach and loved the response on the really high notes, and the lowest notes as well.  What a pleasure to play. Thanks again for your prompt mailing.  DEM 05/16
Bill, Thank you for sending the invoice. I have forwarded it to PC, and have asked her to communicate with you about direct payment. She loves the (Mollenhauer pearwood soprano) Denner. -MW 5/16
Hi Bill, Received the pkg. today and have decided that I prefer the (Mollenhauer Denner Edition) satinwood.  So I will send the grenadilla back tomorrow.  I've loved the satinwood all along, and should have just gone with my first instinct.  I really loved the sound of the Moeck (Ehlert) grenadilla, but it was very difficult for my small hands even with the keys, unfortunately.  It is interesting that the third finger of the right hand on the Moeck is just slightly farther toward the top than the Mollenhauer.  I did love the rosewood, and it was a great fit, but unfortunately it made my lips numb.  That is why I felt like I needed to try the grenadilla.  SM 5/16
Hi Bill, John and I have been enjoying both the Lu-Mi treble (new) and bass (used) viols which we purchased from you over the past two years or so. I also continue to love using both the Chris English bows we got from you when we ordered the treble viol. Occasionally I browse your "used" listings, on the look-out for possible additions to our instrumentarium.  JR 5/16
Profound thanks for your help with the Kung (Superio) cherry tenor.  I love it, and I like the fact that you openly advertise all of the flaws of the used instruments you sell online. SM 4/16
Hi Bill.  ...And if I do make another purchase (in addition to the Moeck Rottenburgh rosewood alto), you may be sure that it will be from you.  I was extremely impressed with everything about my interaction with you and I am very grateful that you were so patient with my questions.  I will unhesitatingly recommend you to any other folks I know who are interested in purchasing a recorder.  It was a great pleasure working with you, and I hope Lazar's Early Music flourishes for many more years.  Sincerely, RG 06/15
Hi Bill.  Just want to let you know that I sent off one of the alto recorders via priority mail to you today.  I kept the one with the tag (Mollenhauer grenadilla 5224M) "Morgan Denner."  Absolutely LOVE it and am working on your suggestion of finger and "foot" placement to correctly play the low 'F'.  After having played alto with a keyed 'F' hole, it will take a bit of practice. JS, 10/14
Hi Bill, The (Lu-Mi Servais Strad 5-string) cello arrived safe and sound.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with it!  The soundpost looked good so I tuned it up an have been enjoying it ever since.  The sound is everything I had hoped it would be; it's just wonderful!!  The longer string length and extra string are causing some problems simply because I'm not used to them yet, but I don't think it will take long for me to adapt. BM, 10/14
Everything is a learning experience for me and I deeply appreciate your lessons.  Thank you, and my gratitude for your time, patience and sharing of knowledge. The recorders have brought me a lot of happiness and you are an essential part of all these great experiences.  Kind regards, MV, 07/14
Hi, Bill. Yes, I'm definitely keeping the recorder, it's lovely (Mollenhauer Modern Alto, 5920B).  Played a very difficult solo in church Sunday, and the instrument performed beautifully, with nice clear high Gs and F-sharps. Good robust sound, too -- I was miked for the service, but in rehearsal our organist said it was the first time (in years of playing together) that he hasn't had to struggle to hear the recorder.  Thanks for the speedy delivery, also.  JA 07/14
Hi Bill.  I am really getting to love my new (Mollenhauer) Denner pearwood (soprano) recorder.  I played it in church yesterday, and I got several compliments on the sound.  Thanks for selling it to me...very happy with it.  JW, 06/14
Dear Mr. Lazar: The european boxwood (Mollenhauer Denner 5129 soprano) is fantastic.  I am keeping the recorder. JH, 04/14
Hi Bill.  Thanks for being such a great businessman and letting people try all these instruments.  VB, 04/14
Hi Bill and Greta.  I received the tenor recorder (Yamaha YRT-304B with knick head and keys on holes 3 & 4) last week. It was exciting to unwrap it. It sounds quite lovely! (I am not sure I sound lovely yet... but I will!! I am practicing every day). But it is very comfortable and I think I will grow to love it.  So, I just wanted to thank you for your help and your prompt service. It was much appreciated.  Kind regards, LE 04/14
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying both the sound and the comfortable finger stretch of the Kung (Studio 1581) bent neck pearwood tenor.  I'm glad that you had it available. DL, 03/14
I have not heard so many clear notes from a recorder (Yamaha YRT-304B plastic tenor, with bent neck and added hole 3 & 4 keys) in ages.  Although the keys sometimes get in the way, compared to the old way, they are magnificent and sure lessen the stretch my poor short fingers had to endure.  I wish I had known about this conversion years ago.  Just think how much better a player I would be!  Better late than never!  Thank you again for helping me with my problem.   DP, 03/31
Thanks Bill. We LOVE both recorders (Kung great bass; Mollenhauer Dream alto)! Thank you so much for all your expert help with our instrument purchases. You have brought a great deal of happiness to our family! HP, 03/14
Dear Bill, It was very nice meeting you at the workshop.  I had such a great time. And I really appreciate you bringing all your recorders.  I am having a lot of fun breaking in the (Moeck Renaissance Consort) renaissance alto!!!  I love it.  Thank you, Bill.  I hope to see you again sometime soon.  Yours, SH, 03/14
Hi Bill, Thank you very much for the great service: friendly, informative, fast. I appreciate it.  I feel enthusiastic about playing this new instrument.  IK, 03/14
Dear Mr. Lazar.  Thank you very much for repairing my tenor recorder. I see that your charges are for only shipping, handling, and insurance.  I had expected to pay for the repair, too, and I appreciate your kindness and generosity.  PP, 02/14
Hi Bill.  I've been on a state of bliss with the recorders you sent (Kung maple garklein; Mollenhauer TE-4108, TE-4318, 5222; Moeck 4204).  Thank you again for the assistance and recommendations! LL, 02/14
Bill, The bass viol (Lu-Mi Meares bass, undecorated) arrived safely on Saturday, and I am very pleased with the instrument.  It has an excellent set up and the tone is fine.  In hindsight, I realize I should have gone ahead and gotten this basic Lu-Mi viol early on rather than try to rent instruments that really were not in good shape.  So, while it will be some time before John Pringle completes the viol he is making for me,  the Lu-Mi viol more than fits the bill for the time being. Thanks again for your help, MW, 02.14
Great, thanks for getting back to me.  And I'm loving the recorder (Moeck Rottenburgh boxwood soprano, 4204)! DB, 02/14
Hi Bill.  A while back I bought a Roland C 30 harpsichord from you. Please remind me of the price of the carrying case and whether you still have them made up and sell them? Thanks.  BTW it's a great little instrument and I continue to be delighted with the purchase. DS, 02/14
That's so kind.  Thank you very much for the efficient and fast attention both to the initial buying and replacement.  I will have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone else.  I did notice straight away that the new one plays much better and with a better tone.  Thank you again.  MS 1/14

Awesome!!  I can't wait until I have enough money to buy another one (Elody Sunburst alto)!  You are fantastic, and I will highly recommend you to my friends! KB, 1/14

Bill--Thanks again for all your extra help!  (Moeck Rottenburgh boxwood soprano) DB, 01/14

I LOVE IT!!  She is gorgeous...I get to try her (Elody Sunburst alto) with an amp tomorrow! Thank you so much! KB, 1/14 

Dear Bill, Thank you very much for fulfilling the order for the set of recorders and the recorder case.  All items arrived in perfect condition and well in time for Christmas.  The recipient was completely delighted by the gifts, and I am most appreciative of the excellent customer service.  I would like to recognize Greta for her exceptionally helpful assistance with this order. Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and joyous New Year to you, your family and your associates. RW, 12/13
Again, I appreciate the opportunity to try the instruments.  That's something I'd expect you to hear quite often.  You deserve to, and I hope it adds to the success of your store. JW, 12/13
Dear Bill, Your package arrived today; I am thrilled with the endpin.  It makes the recorder wonderfully stable and frees my hands of all weight.  I hope this will add decades to my bass playing! Many thanks, JB, 12/13
Good morning, Greta.  My recorder (Mollenhauer pearwood Denner alto, 5206) came yesterday and I am trying to break it in patiently but it is difficult to keep from playing it. It's a wonderful instrument.  Thank you for choosing it for me.  DD, 12/13
Hi Bill, I just gave a flute lesson, and while I was teaching a friend came over and completed the assembly process (of the Roland C-30) for us. I was able to turn it on and play right away...SO easy. It really has a terrific sound, and even though it will take a while for me to get used to all the possibilities, (we haven't installed the pedal yet), I've already gotten so much pleasure out of hearing all the sounds that amazing instrument can make. And that organ! R & I want to thank you for all your support during the shipping delay, it was certainly worth it all. Perhaps one day we'll meet in the Bay Area, that would be fun. Happy Holidays! All the best, PS, 12/13
Dear Bill, Thanks again for all your help.  I am really enjoying the recorder (Mollenhauer Modern alto, 5920BE); I can't wait until I can play it longer.  Happy Thanksgiving. KK, 11/13
Dear Bill.  Thank you so much for allowing me to try out the various recorders.  It was very helpful. I chose one of the Kungs (2401 pearwood Superio).  JA, 10/13
Bill, I will keep the (Moeck boxwood soprano) Ehlert recorder. I like it a lot. Thanks.CK, 10/13
Dear Bill, I  will be keeping the Mollenhauer (2246 keyed Canta alto) and sending back the Moeck today or tomorrow.The (keyed) Mollenhauer has really solved my low F problem, and I'm not too proud to take advantage of it.  Thanks, as always, for your good service.  JF, 10/13
Good Morning, Bill, J is quite happy with her (Dream Edition plum alto) recorder and so will be keeping it.  I want to thank you profusely for all the help that you provided us as we decided on what kind of recorder would best meet our needs.  I certainly learned a lot about recorders, for which I really appreciate your contributions. Thanks again! AK, 10/13
Received the recorder (Kung 2509 olive tenor) yesterday. I'm amazed. Better than I expected. Thanks for all your help Bill.  GM, 10/13
Hi Bill.  Thank you for sending me both instruments (Mollenhauer Denner A415 altos) to try.  I'm going to fully enjoy playing the one I chose, so go ahead and charge my card for that one.  It plays so beautifully that keeping it to the break in schedule will be challenging.  I'm also looking forward to the challenge of convincing my early music friends to start playing at A415.  When A415 comes closer to the norm for us, I'll be looking forward to purchasing additional A415 instruments from you.  So far, the plan is to eventually get a tenor or possibly and voice flute. JR 10/13
Hi, Bill. Just to let you know, the Roland (-30 harpsichord) arrived in great shape today. What a wonder! Our keyboard player is going to have so much fun with this! We're currently enjoying the demos.  Thanks again, Bill!! I think that this instrument will be wonderfully versatile for our Oratorio Society in the years ahead. KB, 10/13
Hi, Bill.  I received my Mollenhauer (5206 pearwood Denner alto) recorder and I am so thrilled. It has such a beautiful mellow tone.  Thank you for sending it so quickly. MG 10/13
Hi Bill.  I am enjoying the instrument (Kung 2822 contrabass) immensely!!!  BO, 10/13
Hi Bill:  Thanks. I will treasure this recorder (Kung Superio great bass) for years!  PG, 09/13
Hi, Bill. Ah, the Paetzold (contrabass recorder) is wonderful! I'm really pleased with it. Great to see your shop and catch up a bit. Thanks very much for everything!  Pax, -TB, 09/13
The horn works great, looks gorgeous. Although there's less volume (as expected), its (Nartiss tenor sackbut) sound is richer and denser than any of my trombones. BS, 09/13
Good Morning Bill.  My husband recently ordered a Tulipwood Recorder (Mollenhauer Denner soprano, 5125) for me, from you.  It is AWESOME :)  DE, 09/13
Dear Bill.  Both the Kueng great bass and the Kueng contra bass which I purchased through you, are performing well.  I am very pleased with both of them.  They are used regularly every week.  All good wishes. RD, 09/13
By the way, I love the (Lu-Mi) Baroque cello we purchased from you last spring!  Best wishes, PV, 09/13
Bill.  LOVE my (Yamaha) tnr rcdr with the levers and bent neck. SS, 09/13
Dear Bill , Just wanted to touch base and tell you I am so pleased with my Bass recorder . I wish you good health and prosperity in this change of season and e-mail address . PD, 08/13
Nice to hear from you, Bill. I play the Roland C-200 almost every day and it never gets old - what an instrument! My girlfriend loves it too. Thank you, AW, 08/13
The Lu-Mi Amati 5-string cello is excellent. Construction quality is top-notch.  Sound is rich and full, and, after only 8 days of playing, is opening up very nicely.  I am really enjoying it!  RH, 08/13
My Mollenhauer (Kynseker) Renaissance Tenor is wonderful! Low notes are strong and the tone is great. Many thanks. JS, 08/13
Thank you Bill.  My Roland C-30 has been a big hit with my friends and colleagues.  And me too, of course! AL, 08/13
Thanks, Bill, for your good cheer & for all the info and support you've given me in making this an ever-so-happy experience. This recorder (used Fehr soprano) has already added much joy to my life.  In gratitude, QG, 08/13
Bill, I just wanted to let you know I really love the Mollenhauer Modern Alto I bought from you. It has such a wonder sound and is so fun to play. It is a lovely instrument. JG, 08/13
Hi Bill--The Mollenhauer Modern rosewood baroque-voice alto with the E foot is wonderful.  I absolutely love it!!  It's everything that you said it would be and more than everything I thought it could possibly be.  Thanks so much!! So, that takes care of the testimonial quote if you'd like to use it.  :-), DM, 08/13
Hi Bill, Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much my wife and I are enjoying the new recorders.  I particularly love the Mollenhauer Dream (Edition) Soprano.  It plays itself, and has a beautiful, rich timbre.  Thanks for the great recommendation.  All the best. GG 0/5/13
Hello, Bill, Just thought I'd let you know that after 25 years of messing about with neck straps and thumb rests and giving up on the instrument, your keyed tenor (Yamaha plastic with extra keys on hole 3 & 4) is a simple pleasure to play. The thumb rest is probably necessary, but I've no need to think about any other support problem nor hurt my hand stretching for the holes. Thanks for a great little innovation! Cheers, JN, 05/13
It (custom Cavallaro roll, leopard print/purple back) was waiting for me on the doorstep after recorder practice today!  You must have sent it BEFORE I paid for it!  Thank you ever so much....that was very kind!  I've put almost all...all the important ones anyway... into it, as the tenor took up 2 slots....but that's ok, I don't use my plastic alto at all anymore...but I do sometimes use the plastic soprano, when the balance is off and we need a more ensemble sound! I LOVE IT!!!! ... it's just the coolest thing!  ...  And EVERYone is going to be soooo jealous!  Thanks!  Love MC, 04/13
Got it! It's a beautiful instrument (used alto cornamuse), I'm very pleased, thank you, BH, 04/13
Hi Bill, Just a note to confirm I am very happy with the Gamba. I had a lesson with Martha at the weekend and she was still happy with her choice as well.  Thank you for your help. Kind regards, DL, 04/13
Bill, You can thank me for my business, but I thank you for having such an awesome business to frequent!!  (even somewhat frequently!!). JF, 04/13
Bill, Thanks for getting them (music) for me.  And thanks for sending them along anyway when my card was bad for you.  I also wanted to let you know that I appreciate being able to work with you via email.  I find that doesn't always work for others. SA, 04/13
Bill, I cannot believe how helpful and kind you have been about my recent order.  Not many people would have been willing to send me both recorders, nor to oil the one I decided on.  You treat me as a friend and not just as a customer.  I really appreciate dealing with you. MH, 04/13
Bill.  I want to tell you how delighted I am with the three Mollenhauer plum "Dream-Edition" recorders I recently purchased from you.  I needed a tenor that my tenor player (who has rather small hands) could play, and I knew that she could handle the Dream tenor because for some pieces we are currently rehearsing for our next concert she was using the older Dream tenor that I have used for years.  As I needed the older Dream tenor back at school, I ordered the new plum tenor for her to use.  I was so pleased with the tone, response, and tuning that I immediately ordered the soprano and alto from the set. GS, 04/13
Thank you! I love the bent neck (Yamaha tenor), and I REALLY love the right index finger key!! LF, 03/13
Hello Bill - Glad the sopranos made it back safely. It was fun - and very helpful - to be able to try them all.  I've referred a couple of people from our group to you, so you may hear from some New Yorkers in the near future.  Thanks again for your services. I'm very happy with the Moeck (Rottenburgh rosewood soprano) I've chosen. TV, 03/13
Morning.  I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was looking through your Website.  I have been looking at Recorders for school purposes and found your site in the process and it taught me more with your detailed descriptions than numerous phone calls and music shops ever could. It was clear and easy to read and very simple to navigate around (I found myself investigating all your other resources just to find things out).   It is just a big shame you are not here in Australia.  Just felt like passing this on.  JM, 03/13
Dear Bill. The Pearwood Kung (Studio soprano) arrived a couple of days ago. It was well packed and in perfect order. I am now starting to blow it in and am following your instructions implicitly. Thank you for your care and attention to detail. I will recommend you to anyone else thinking of purchasing a good recorder. Regards. JP, 02/13
Bill, Thanks very much for the brushes and mop! Enjoying the recorders (Mollenhauer Modern Alto [5920ME] and Helder tenor) very much! Best regards, RS, 02/13
Thanks, I do love the instrument! (Moeck Rottenburgh olive soprano).  MM, 02/13
Bill, The bow (Lu-Mi snakewood bass bow, for cello) arrived and it is exactly what I need. Thank you so much & perhaps some day I'll be ordering one of those Canadian bows. Best, JF, 02/13
Hello Bill, I just wanted to drop you a note that I received the alto recorder (Kung Studio stained pearwood) and it is wonderful !. I am hoping to add a new recorder to my collection around every six-months so you will hear from me in the future! Thank you for the great service! BM, 02/13
Bill, Thank you so much!! The tenor joint with attached keys arrived a couple of weeks ago (and I just realized I still haven't let you know). You did a stellar job, the sound is wonderful, and it is so easy to play now. Everyone recommended I get a new plastic tenor, but I am so glad you put these keys on for me and I can play the beautiful wooden instrument that was a gift from my parents. It means so much to me.  Thanks again, AS, 02/13
Thank you. The instrument (Moeck Rottenburgh olive soprano) is WONDERFUL! I am trying to be very religious about the breaking in period.  Regards, MM, 02/13
LOVE! Not just like.  All my best recorders have come from Bill's wonderful inventory.  And he's always super generous with sending me several to try out.  The BEST recorder selling person EVER.  ♥  01/13, AG
Thanks, Bill, for the beautiful job (adding a key to Yamaha plastic tenor).  I can play recorder again!! It works fine.  01/13, MW
Hi Bill.  I wanted to let you know that I really like the Dream recorders you sent me last week. I took them to my lesson today for my teacher to play and he liked them, too. The alto is especially interesting looking with the dark streaks and knots... very nice. Thank you for choosing them for me.  01/13, MB
Hi Bill, I received the Mollenhauer (Canta) bass recorder yesterday P.M.  It arrived in good condition and I found that with a little getting used to it won't be so hard to play.  It sounds good and the workmanship and materials are first rate.    Thank you.  It is really a pleasure doing business with you.  TF, 01/13
Thanks Bill: Love the (Moeck A415 boxwood) Stanesby (alto). EB, 1/13
Bill.  I love the (Mollenhauer) alto and tenor Dream Edition (TE-4318, TE-4428) recorders you sent me. RB, 1/13
Bill.  The treble (Lu-Mi decorated Henry Jaye treble viola da gamba) is great and I keep getting questions like, "Wow, who made your treble" they aren't expecting Lu-Mi!

Dear Bill, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again!  My new Moeck (Ehlert boxwood) Soprano has arrived.  I have gently warmed it and played it.  Wow, the tone is SO much richer than my 'regular' Moeck Soprano.  This is worth the investment. With great appreciation, RF, 12/12

Hi Bill.  Thanks!  I love my new bass (Yamaha YRB-61 wooden)? VB, 11/12
Hello Bill. The recorder (Mollenhauer grenadilla Modern soprano) arrived safely. My son has tried it and is very, very delighted. Best regards. DI, 11/12
Thanks Bill!  The recorder (Yamaha YRT-304B with bent neck and added keys on holes 3 & 4) arrived and I am enjoying the comfort of it so much.  Thanks again for sending it out - Happy music making to you! SE, 10/12

Hi Bill, Thanks again for all your help.  I am loving my new olive recorder (Mollenhauer 5223 alto). Best regards, JS 10/12

Hello Bill.  Just thought I'd let you know that my recorder (Moeck Flauto Rondo pearwood alto) arrived today.  I'm very happy with it. Many thanks. EO, 10/12
 Hi Bill.  I loved the sound and performance of the ebony (Moeck Ehlert tenor) and kept that one.  I never thought I'd go for something heavy like that, and am experimenting with various ways of holding it.  Once I have some options that work, I'll send photos.  Debbie in our group will bring her tenor holder tonight (she needed one for her Kung tenor), and I hope to build on her experience.  It's fun to play some of the Telemann flute sonatas (flute version) and learn the high-note fingerings.  They are surprisingly easy to play with decent tone quality.  For a while, I'm sure to mix up the high-note fingerings for the tenor and the Kung bass, which are similar but still significantly different.  I also like the alternate fingering for the high B flat, which is nearly always sharp with standard fingering.  And the low notes are to die for - played some trio sonatas with Mary and Frank of our group, and it does really well with violin/oboe/flute parts in the lower range.  Thanks again for letting me try both instruments. Cheers, JR, 10/12
Dear Bill, My recorder (Moeck Flauto Rondo Alto, F/F# keys, pearwood, 2322) arrived safely this morning. I am very happy with it. Thank you very much. Best wishes, JH, 10/12
I got the (Yamaha tenor bent) neck back today. Many, many thanks! Makes my tenor twice as easy to play! Best,  MT, 10/12
Hi Bill.  After a slight delay at customs waiting for payments of tax, etc to be processed- I GOT MY (Yamaha YRB-61SP, A440/A415) BASS!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! I really love it- thank you so much for all you have done, I really appreciate the extra care you took to make the instrument so great! Thanks again. 10./12 JA
Bill, The K&M 10065-00-55 music stand arrived last week. The design, construction and finish are even better than I expected. As was your patience with my delayed ordering. 10/12, RK
Thank you so much.  The recorder (Mollenhauer Kynseker Renaissance plum soprano, 4208) arrived Saturday.  It surpasses all my expectations.  Your advice was very helpful. 10/12, AC
Bill, Thank you very much! I love it (used Thibouville classical Charanga flute)! 09/12, MC
Bill, I received the (Mollenhauer Canta) Great Bass today.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  Thank you for you help with the selection. 09/12, JG
A. loves the instrument (decorated Lu-Mi 7-string bass viol)! Thank you! AB, 09/12
Customer feedback:  Hello Bill,  I just received the Petr Cip alto cornamuse. It is an amazing instrument. It plays very well! 09/12, JS
Hi Bill - The Wenner Renaissance bass flute (in G, 2-piece) arrived yesterday - what a lovely instrument! I'm going to enjoy this one! You have to be reasonably big to play this one; those with short arms won't reach. Luckily, I can reach!  Thanks so much! MW, 09/12
Hi, Bill.  I picked up the bass (Kung Superio 2603 cherry) a little after 7am this morning and was able to play it for about 10 minutes after I got home from work.  It's a wonderful instrument -- easy response and sweet tone, very nice balanced feel to the holes and keys. I played the bass this evening for another 15 minutes and love it even more.  It makes me feel like I could play any bass part with ease.  I love this bass.  SP, 08/12
Hi, Bill.  I played for 15 min. and felt very satisfied with its (Kung Superio 2601 pear bass) sound, key touches, wood flavor and so on. Looking forward to being friend with it so much. Sincerely yours, K 08/12
I love it (the new Breukink Eagle alto recorder). Full sound, rich and complex. A great instrument for the work that I do. JW, 08/12

Mr. Lazar:  Thank you for shipping so promptly!  I appreciated your time and patience this afternoon in answering my questions about bass and great bass recorders.  Also, the telephone demos, and your insights and recommendations about the various makes and models.  I look forward to receiving the bass early next week.  Best regards, SP, 08/12

Hi Bill, Recorder head joint (Yamaha bent neck tenor) arrived on Friday. Thanks so much for fixing it so quickly. I can play without my wrist hurting now. Woohoo!!!! JH, 07/12
I have decided to keep both recorders (Mollenhauer 5224M grenadilla Morgan Denner alto; Kung Classica 3108 tulipwood garklein). My instructor and I both love the sound quality of both. I hope to do business again soon once I save up for a tenor. Thanks.  AJC, 07/12
Hi Bill-The tenor (Yamaha YRT-304B + hole 4 key) arrived today- many thanks - I like it and the key is just right.  AA, 07/12
Bill, I am delighted with my new instruments, especially the bass (Kung Superio 2603 cherry)! Thank you! LM, 07/12
Bill, The Moeck plum alto (M4202) is getting better every day.  The (used) Coolsmas (soprano and alto) are a dream! KL, 07/12
The (Mollenhauer) Dream Edition Alto (TE-43180 and  the thumb rests were delivered today. The recorder is quite beautiful and it is so light in weight and easy to hold and play. I played it for a few minutes only and tested the low and high registers and the tuning. Already, I love it. The sound is so clear and full and the lower notes are strong and the higher notes are easy to achieve. I love the way it feels in my hands. I am so pleased I will be giving some consideration to the purchase of a soprano and tenor. Sincerely, RB 07/12
Hi, Bill. Tenor (Kung Superio 2509 olive) arrived today at last - many thanks.  i don't think you'll be getting it back !! Best wishes, SB, 07/12
Bill, My new organ (Roland C-200) arrived today on schedule. I've got it all setup at home and it sounds beautiful! I LOVE IT! Thank You! AW  07/12
Bill, ..The instrument (Mollenhauer Denner grenadilla alto) is great--I certainly made the right choice.  Thanks again for your cooperation. I'm sure we'll be back in touch again some day.  Regards. BS, 06/12
Dear Bill.  I'm enjoying the Moeck Ehlert Grenadilla Alto very much. The good response on high register is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for your great service. E-EM, 05.12
Hey Bill, the (Kung Superio cherry) bass recorder arrived today and it's a keeper!   Fantastic tone and full low notes.   Ergonomic and light.   Very pleased with the purchase. PD, 05/12
Hi Bill, I picked up the Roland (C-30 digital harpsichord) yesterday, and it went into immediate use! It is a very exciting piece of technology - my favorite, in fact. AD, 05/12
By the way the Roland Harpsichord came yesterday and it is a marvelous thing. PD, 05/12
Good morning, Bill. Got the (Mollenhauer Canta) C-bass yesterday afternoon.  Played it a little this morning and I'm liking it a lot! It's a keeper. A pleasure doing music instrument business with you. SF, 5/12
Dear Bill, It was a short but blissful 20 minutes of playing this afternoon.  This is a wonderful flute (Martin Wenner Grenser), definitely worth the wait; this is a first class instrument!  Many, many, thanks. ES, 5/12
Dear Bill, Please find enclosed my check for the Kung Superio bass recorder. I love it! AK, 04/12
Hi Bill, Thanks for the message that the stand has shipped.  It will be very helpful, I'm sure. You do know I was kidding about the "stain" to match, right?  You sure have been great to work with.
Thanks for everything. LG, 03/12
Got my knicked tenor head (for Yamaha plastic tenor) in the mail yesterday and just had a few minutes to try it out. WONDERFUL! It's like holding an alto, very comfortable. THANK YOU! AK, 03/12
 Southern Hospitality from the West Coast !
I have just experienced a huge dose of Southern Hospitality, all the way from California.
I have joined a recorder class. After we learned the soprano recorder, some of us wanted to learn the tenor recorder. I ordered a regular tenor recorder on line as I couldn't find one with modified keys.  Then a man in the class found this site and I called the contact number.  Mr. Lazar said that he would replace my middle joint with the modified keys and I could just send him the middle joint from the recorder that I have bought.  Not only am I not out the price of a second recorder, Mr. Bill Lazar said that since he was already sending an instrument to a member of our class that he would just include my order with Harry's and it would cut down on postage. He said that this way I would not be without my recorder for the lessons and that he would ship the orders out this very night. Now friends, that is Southern Hospitality to the extreme.  How refreshing to experience such kindness, and accommodating service from a person you have never met nor seen.  Would that we could all treat people with such graciousness.  Thank you, Jo Ann McCracken Richmond, VA. 2/12

Bill, The viol (Lu-Mi Jaye plain tenor) arrived safely on the 21st. I gave it 24 hours to acclimate to indoor climate. I love it and will be keeping it.  Thank you for the safe packaging. I'll do business with you in the future. Warmly, KM, 2/12

Bill, The organ arrived yesterday afternoon. I looked at it in the cartons (keyboard & stand) for probably an hour before I decided it was time to put it together.  Packaging was extraordinary---everything was perfectly protected and while not labeled, all was as clear as could be desired in the paperwork accompanying the stand.  

The organ is much more professional in appearance than online photos suggest. The laminate surrounding the keyboard itself resembles a faux wood grain, probably meant to simulate red/brown mahogany. The speakers are located on the top surface. This tells me a person could place the instrument on a table in a pinch for a short performance time although I suspect air cooling from underneath would be an important consideration. 

The organ sounds very much like a pipe organ, of course. At first I was delighted and then the awful truth sank into my thick skull:  I'm going to have to unlock registration secrets if I'm to get the voicings I especially want! Horrors! 

Played and explored for awhile, then got away from it. Bedtime had me pecking away once again and I finally got a murky blues going with a walking bass that got so raunchy, even my wife had to get out of bed...probably thought I had a sexy lady out in the living room. I swear, it was "Casa Blanca" all over again but without the booze, the sultry smokey air and if anything, the atmosphere was about as subtly reverent as a church with a Pope lying in state. She was lavishing praises and I was shocked at what this thing will do. Going to bed was difficult as I was almost afraid I'd forget how to get the jazz voicing I so desperately needed and had uncovered. 

This morning I went after the oboe sound, having failed in my prior attempts the night earlier. Suddenly it was right there to be heard in all its glory. Mind you I was an oboist in jr. high, high school and then college. As an undergraduate, I earned part of my tuition by making oboe reeds which the college bookstore happily sold to professional players---so I know quality oboe sound. It's truly uncanny that Roland has been able to come up with the componentry that will yield such a unique tone quality. 

The trumpet will be my next goal. The tab labeled "trumpet" is more like a choking Farfisa organ tone out of the 1970's...suffocation might be pleasanter than having my neck squeezed if only to produce such an unstable, wobbly & colorless sound. So I just played Hector Olivera's YouTube offering of Mouret's "Rondeau" which opens with trumpets. This piece is the backbone offering for Public TV offerings in Texas, by the way, and is understandably appreciated not by the few but, instead, the many. I've got to reproduce it as I know it will be widely enjoyed. I stopped Hector's (Olivera) presentation, freezing the panel so I could copy the registration. He uses things I'm not clear on yet but at least I can begin to make some sense out of it. I'll get it, yet. 

This is probably the long way to tell you I'm loving the C-200. If there's any weakness in any of this at all, it's in my impatience to master a few things. There's a lot to learn, a lot to experience anew and then to learn from all of of it. The pedal board will help immensely as it will give me the third hand I need so even that will usher in a whole new playing field.. 

Have you any info on the C-110 (2.1 speaker system) yet? I'm thinking it will produce more extremes in the tonal spectrum---possibly mellow midrange sounds or more pointed highs. The pedal board comes with a swell pedal, I believe. If not, then we need to get one as it's absolutely essential. 

This is definitely a highlight of my musical life as I struggle to find a comfortable place in my senior chapter. The C-200 brings so much opportunity to recreate performance of classical stature right in a person's own living room! It's not possible to beat that, is it?  

Thank you for having done your part in making this possible, Bill.  LF, 2/12


This morning I was able to replicate a clarinet voice with a wonderfully throaty bottom. I then contrasted it with a simple Irish sounding penny whistle tonal quality reminiscent of Celtic street music such as "line dancing." This is such great fun!

JA and I went out with Androids in hand in search of music manuscript so I can get down to transcribing some literature specifically for the organ...some baroque classics and show tunes, too. I love production numbers---these are larger scaled renditions of typically simple ballads or upbeat duple/triple meter tunes but set to a more classical orientation. I think many of these will work out great when I can produce various registrations at will without having to think about it. Today, for example, I combined the trumpet with the two lowest bass tabs and played that on the equivalent of manual #1while I used a very muted and mellow flute-like voicing in manual #2. When that bored me I used the tone knob to the left and got a near-perfect oboe to cut like butter. Incredible fun, just mind boggling.

More: Bill, Just played a jazz session and absolutely loved every minute of it. This organ is beyond belief in so very many ways. I love it, I love it!
I' m hoping to send you a bit of improvisation once I'm comfortable with the instrument's formatting. One thing is for sure: this instrument will let a trained musician do things never before even thinkable. Cathedral sounds? Super funky blues with celesta and harpsichord? How about pure funk piano with a dash of reverb followed by totally straight nonsense right out of Bach's Tocatta & Fugue?
This is totally insane and I couldn't be happier.

More:  Bill, The organ is everything I could have wanted and more. It's going to mean a lot when the pedal board arrives...exciting.
I suspect most well trained musicians haven't a clue as to what can be done with a latter day digital pipe organ in terms of playing all sorts of jazz oriented genres and slipping easily from one specie to any other. It is unfortunate to picture how cubby-holed I might have remained were it not for having found the C-200 and you, too.

Hi Bill, First let me say how wonderful it is to have the (Roland) C-200, as part of our music program here at the parish. The Christmas concerts and Masses were truly enhanced by the creativity of my staff and their use of the C-200. DC, 12/11
Hi Bill--My new Kung Superio pearwood sopranino recorder arrived safely yesterday.  What a delightful instrument!!  It's definitely a keeper--and infinitely superior to my old plastic "dog whistle."   I can hardly wait to put in my next 15 minutes on it tomorrow.  Thanks again ever so much!  DM, 12/11
Dear Bill. I received the recorders (Kung Superio cherry bass, Mollenhauer Denner pear soprano and Yamaha plastic tenor) and all the accessories here in Brazil in excellent condition. Thanks for all your help and advice, and wonderful service. I am delighted with all three recorders, including the Yamaha tenor, which was a real surprise for me. The Kung Superio Bass is indeed a marvelous instrument. Thank you very much for recommending this recorder for me. EM, 12/11
Bill, Thank you for your quick shipment of my Moeck grenadilla soprano recorder. I received it on Christmas Eve. It sounds wonderful. I will be contacting you in a couple of months about an alto recorder. Thanks again.  DT, 12/11
Mr. Lazar, The viol (Lu-Mi 70 cm decorated 7-string bass) and bow (Louis Begin Marais) are great, I'm very happy with them. TR, 12/11
Hi Bill: Just a note to let you know that I am very much enjoying the (Moeck) Stanesby (alto). PS: I love the sound of my (Moeck Steenbergen) grenadilla soprano, the tulip Rottenburgh alto. LK, 12/11
Hi Bill, Just wanted to let you know the tenor gemshorn arrived safely, and is a joy to play.  I'm having quite a bit of fun with it, and plan to use it on Christmas morning for a short piece in church.  Please let me know when the second Great Bass arrives! All the best, GG, 12/11
Bill, I played the tenor (Kung Superio pearwood) with our group yesterday.  It has a beautiful blend. HC, 12/11
Bill, I would just like to say I am having hours and hours of enjoyment with the unit (Roland C-200 digital organ). I play it every day and am still finding new sounds and functions daily. It is a beautiful instrument with great sound and quality. I have never regretted the purchase. I give your company and you a "FIVE STAR" rating for SERVICE, PRICE, and QUALITY. I will be sure to recommend your company to anyone who is looking to purchase a musical instrument. WARMEST REGARDS AND A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON TO YOU ALL.  LO, 12/11
It fits my hand perfectly: so delighted!  Both items (Knicked Kung Superio tenor &) arrived in excellent shape. LA, 12/11

Hello Bill The (Petr Cip) soprano cornamuse is wonderful- bright, stable and soft-voiced, and beautifully made. Many thanks. VJ, 12/11

Hi Bill.  It (Moeck Stanesby A442 alto) arrived in fine shape.  Of course, I have had only brief playing time, but perhaps it is even better than I remember the other low-pitch Stanesby to be. It sounds easily and has a lovely voice. Playing smoothly and evenly is so easy. Next Sunday, I'll be playing three Bach movements with harpsichord on the grenadilla soprano at a church. Thanks for your kind and perspicacious service. Best wishes, LK, 11/11
Thanks again, Bill, for sending the recorders out to me so promptly.  As I said, I am thrilled with the one I chose (it was a stand-off between two). SS, 11/11
Bill  received my Tenors (Yamahas with bent necks and extra keys), and had to try them out-------I am so pleased, it is so much easier to play them now!!!
Was well worth it!   I almost feel like I am playing my Alto, in comparison.   Again Thank-you sooo much!!!!!  SH, 11/11
Hi Bill, This is the best soprano (Moeck Ehlert grenadilla) recorder I've ever played. Exactly what I was hoping for. I'll definitely take it.  Thank you.  Warmly, GR, 11/11
Bill.  Thank you once again for your excellent service. GS, 11/11
I received this beautiful recorder today, and played it a little, and I think it is going to be wonderful.  Thanks so much. RK, 11/11
Hi Bill, This is the best soprano (Moeck Ehlert grenadilla) recorder I've ever played. Exactly what I was hoping for. I'll definitely take it.  Thank you.  Warmly, GR, 11/11
Hello Bill, I've decided to buy the alto-olive, and BOTH sopranos.  (Didn't intend to buy both, but each has different strengths........the olive is a sweet, sweet sound which I love.  But the palisander has a really exciting low low range.  Can't resist it.)  I need help from the instrument; I'm not such a good player that I could compensate for an instrument's weaknesses. Thanks so much.  I'm thrilled. JB, 11/11
Thanks, Bill.  I LOVE them (Kung Superio soprano, tenor and bass). LA, 11/11
Thank you for getting the instruments shipped so quickly. I really appreciate the time you take with me on the phone answering my many questions. When I bought my other two recorders from you, I appreciated that you listened closely to my background and helped me choose instruments that suited my needs. I feel that once again you have helped guide me and given me excellent advice on caring for the instruments I own. I do appreciate your time and personal attention. SM, 11/11
Dear Bill, Thank you for your service.  It was great to talk with you.  We are enjoying our new and used recorders.  EL, 10/11
Hi Bill-Thank you again for the great, personal, & professional help selecting my new recorder (Mollenhauer olive soprano, 5123).  ... I'm also grateful that I can e-mail or call if I have questions. What a great service & I LOVE my new recorder.  RP, 10/11
Bill, What a pleasure to play on my "new" (repaired YRB-302B bass) recorder!  Thank you very very much. Best regards. MS, 10/11
Hi Bill - I had several hours over the weekend to try out the 4 (Mollenhauer Denner soprano) recorders you sent me.  What lovely, lovely instruments.  I have enjoyed playing each of them, so this is going to be a very difficult choice for me. ....Thank you so much for letting me test these instruments.  I love them all !!!!  I will have one picked out in the next day or two and will return the rest.  I'll keep you posted on my decision and the return of the package.  Thank you again so much......
YEAH!!!  I have made my choice.  I'm keeping the Mollenhauer olive wood !!  I played both the olive wood and the rosewood at the rehearsal this evening with the other musicians tonight - that included another recorder player  [She's so jealous!! Ha, ha!!].  The olive wood was a shining star!!  I'm so excited.  This is the perfect instrument for me and for the groups that I play with!!  I will be returning the other recorders in tomorrow's mail.  I REALLY appreciated your wonderful service that enabled me to try out these lovely instruments to make sure I got the right one.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Can you see me smiling???  I'm showing a lot of teeth!!!  RP, 10/11
Bill. We've used the keyboard (Roland C-200 digital organ) as our principal accompaniment this past Sunday, connected to powered PA speakers (1000-watts each) for stereo output. The congregation was very pleased. Certainly a very significant improvement from our old Allen. NJ, 09/11
Bill, What a gorgeous instrument the cherry wood (Kung Superio bass) is - I'm so happy to have it.  The weird contemporary piece we're playing on October 16 actually sounds much better on the cherrywood.!  AD, 09/11
Bill: To my absolute amazement, the two (Mollenhauer) Dream recorders (alto and tenor) arrived at my school on Monday afternoon!  I wrote you on Saturday morning, and the recorders were in my hands by 2:00 on Monday.  My mind reels...on the face of it, this experience makes your service to us recorder players stand out in lights.  Thank you!!  I was extremely impressed with the (Mollenhauer Dream) tenor.  The RH finger spacing is just enough tighter than the Mollenhauer Kynseker keyed tenor to make it very comfortable for me, and--to the point--my student tenor player....  She found the spacing exactly equal to the Yamaha plastic tenor that she uses as her practice instrument.  I compared the Dream tenor with the Moeck Renaissance keyless tenor, and found the spacing to be just about identical.  But not only did the instrument fit my players' hands, but it is also a very nice recorder.  I compared it carefully with the Mollenhauer Kynseker keyed tenor I recently bought from you, and the Dream tenor compares very favorably.  For the price, the Dream tenor is, in my opinion, a great value.  I really like it.  Compared to the Mollenhauer Kynseker alto (a very fine instrument), the Dream alto is clearly a step below, but the step is a small one.  It is a sweet, clear instrument, nicely in tune, and for the price is another fabulous value.  I'm very impressed. I am very happy with both instruments, and I will mail my check for both instruments tomorrow.   As a customer, I couldn't be happier. GS, 09/11
Hi Bill, Just to let you know the recorders arrived yesterday.  I am delighted with them - and the Moeck (Flauto Rondo) descant sounds superb! Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service.  I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to my fellow members of EMQ and any other recorder playing people I know.  I shall mention that your prices are approximately half those of Australian retailers ... (true the current exchange rate does have something to do with it). Thank again, PJ, 09/11
Good morning, Bill. The Roland C-30 arrived on schedule and was easy to set up. I've had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies of timbre, temperament & pitch, aspects of this instrument that go far beyond any harpsichord I've owned. I'm especially fond of the chamber organ voices as they provide variant textures for much early keyboard literature. Wrapped into this little electronic wonder, I have more resources than I could possibly afford had my goal been to purchase the non-electronic equivalents. I approached the Roland keyboard with some trepidation, as this was the only portion of the instrument that seemed to elicit any negative comments in review. Let me say I've been a purist most of my life and swore I'd never play an "appliance" in lieu of a "wood, wire & quill" harpsichord. I've been lucky to have owned five harpsichords over my lifetime, and there were significant variations in touch from one to another. I've played antique instruments as well, and I have to say the C-30 compares very favorably with any of the instruments I've owned or played. The keyboard, while not an exact copy of any historical prototype is nonetheless completely susceptible to all the nuances of touch and release to which I had been accustomed in the past.  Thanks for the quick and polite service, Bill. This little gem is a winner, and I'm ever so glad you had it in stock.  GV, 09/11
She loves it (Yamaha YRS-302B soprano), thanks!  You provide a wonderful service!  EH, 09/11
Bill, We received the (Roland) C-200 (digital organ). It is really wonderful. I played it for hours, and enjoyed it very much. DC, 09/11
Bill-  Two lovely instruments (Mollenhauer Canta Comfort tenor; Moeck Flauto Rondo Plus; both with bent necks and keys on holes 3 & 4, C/C#)- both much, much better on my hands and also much easier to play. 
The Mollenhauer seems to want to play itself, it requires little breath to sound and the keys are sensitive.  I love the sound, although I am going to have to learn to use less breath to keep from getting overtones in the upper range. The instrument plays so easily, I found I could play the faster jigs and reels we do about as easily as I usually do them on the sopranos - and the upper range reaches more reliably.  Although (the Moeck) plays easily, the tone is a bit thinner in the lower and middle range.  It has a terrific top range though.  It is comfortable but definitely not as comfortable as the Mollenhauer. Thank you for the help.  The instruments are terrific.  ND, 09/11
Hullo Bill,  I have just received the (Mollenhauer Denner) Great Bass from Australia Post today.  It is certainly an impressive instrument and I look forward to playing it in the groups that I work with.  Thank you for your help and great service. JJ, 08/11
Dear Bill. Thanks so much for your attentiveness to my questions about the Ogle tenor viol.  I look forward very much to gettting acquainted with it!  NS, 07/11

The recorders arrived this morning. Thanks for the wonderful service. Warm regards, BP, 08/11

Hi Bill.  I must write to thank you for all the advice you've given me on extracting maximum out of my tenor recorder, patiently guiding me through the decision to let you customise my tenor recorder with the Bent Neck & 2 additional keys.  It has made a world of difference - a much desired instrument that otherwise would be unplayable due to my handspan - is now a perfect fit and enables me to enjoy its sonorous tones.  I LOVE IT!  So Thank You.  Highly recommended.  It is WELL WORTH the investment.  (It's been almost six months and my increasing lung capacity is allowing me to enjoy the tenor to the fullest =) - a totally different story about the bass but that's not relevant here.)  RG  08/11
Bill, The Mollenhauer alto recorder (5222M-boxwood) arrived safely today and has a beautiful voice. The only problem now is to restrict my wife's playing to 15 minutes per day! RE, 08/11
Bill, I did receive the instruments Thursday in excellent condition. Both instruments (Mollenhauer Kynseker plum alto; Mollenhauer A415 alto, 5222T) are superb specimens, and I do intend to keep them. Thanks! ST, 08/11
Hi Bill.  The E foot (Mollenhauer Modern Alto in ebony) is beautiful!! Thanks!  Shopping at LEM was great!  I appreciate your service.  Until next time. AA, 07/11
Bill. Thanks for the prompt service! The flute (used Sanders) is awesome, fine tone, clear g#, high Bb and Fn, usually the weakest notes. Hotteterre and Leclair sound great on it! DO, 07/11
Bill--The recorder (Kung Superio cherry bass) is terrific! SE, 06/11
Hi Bill.  Great and thank you for all your help.  A... is very pleased with his new instrument and with your information and help. AK, 06/11
Hi Bill, I received my tenor in great condition. Wow....what a difference a(n added) key makes.  Thanks again and you will be receiving another order soon. KC, 06/11
Hi Bill, I am delighted with the instrument (Paetzold great bass recorder), having overcome the initial teething problems! I find that the bass fits in very well with the Conservatorium Ensemble, providing a Good Voice at the bottom! RS, 06/11
Dear Bill, Thanks so much for the great professional service.  I really appreciate your help and advice.  I love the beautiful finish and tone of the Yamaha maple tenor, but it's going to be hard to limit my playing time during the break in period. RB, 05/11
Thanks, Bill.  I look forward to working with this flute (used Folkers & Powell Thomas Lot)--it's lovely, RT, 05/11
Hey Bill. I received my 4119 Dream (soprano) today. It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful! In fact, it sounds so great, I have to force my self to stop playing during this 'break-in' phase.. Thanks so much for your services. TE, 05/11
I got the recorder (Yamaha tenor, bent neck, 2 added keys) last night.  It is now a delight to play.  I look forward to getting better now that I can cover the holes. FM, 05/11
Hi Bill, Yes, it (Mollenhauer Helder tenor) is quite fantastic. In the beginning I had trouble playing it and needed to take time to get to know it better, but now it seems to open up to me more each day.
I am also very interested in the ebony modern alto with E foot that you have coming. Thanks, GR 05/11
I forgot to write and tell you how things are going with the Roland (C-30 harpsichord).  It is obviously quite simple to put it together, so that was no problem.  I've been playing it each day and learning the various features, and I love it; it is everything I had hoped.  So, now I need to get back to some semblance of the technique I had a couple of decades ago.  It is gratifying to find I can still make it through pieces with a degree of rhythmic and metrical consistency, although every once in awhile I begin to play a lot of wrong notes and have to stop and regroup.  But, things have gone well enough to make me believe I can still play decently. JE, 05/11
Bill.  I got to play on Bill's new Roland electronic harpsichord on Saturday.  WOW!!!!  Although I am a purist and prefer the historically informed practices, how could one ever improve on the Roland?  I have a really old Roland electronic harpsichord, and a real Zuckerman, but Bill's blows them both away!!!  RB, 04/11
Thanks Bill for your usually quick response and attention to detail. No wonder people in Australia sing your praises! AS, 04/11
Hi Bill. I'm so happy with the Kung Superio cherry tenor.  It is a marvelous instrument.  Now I can start dreaming again and perhaps saving this time  for a ...  BTW, my friend got all watered up about my new tenor.  Maybe he'll be calling you soon.  DM, 04/11
Thanks, Bill.  I'll have to learn to play this instrument (Yamaha plastic bent neck tenor) all over again--but without pain!  KB, 04/11
Hi Bill. What a fantastic instrument! (Kung Superio Contrabass recorder) It will take some getting used to, for sure, but I am very excited to finally have a real bass instrument, and will put it to good use right away in our local recorder consort, as well as next season of the Recorder Orchestra of the Midwest, directed by Clea Galhano. SH, 04/11
Bill...I've been playing the instrument (plain Lu-Mi tenor viol) for two days now, and I like it, but more important, I had a lesson this morning, and my teacher likes it it's a winner. BM 04/11
The beautiful Kung Superio great bass recorder was delivered today in superb condition.  Not only does it sound beautiful, it is a visual work of art.  SW 03/11
It (Kung Superio great bass recorder) came March 5.  I love it!  What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. LA, 03/11
Bill.  My husband surprised me with the Roland C-30 digital harpsichord.  It arrived yesterday, and he spent a half hour setting it up.  The sound is great. I liked it so much that I stayed up the whole night playing it.  Thank you so much! LT, 03/11
Hi Bill,  the parcel arrived safely a few days ago, thanks.  It (Yamaha YRT-304B bent neck tenor with extra keys) works a treat, exactly what was needed in addition to the keys.   The fact that the instrument is now usable overshadows the cost! JA, 02/11
Dear Bill....for the beautiful viola da gamba (Lu-Mi plain treble). I showe it to my teacher and she like it very much.  Also gave good comments on the bow (Chinese snakewood). SM 02/11
I love it (knick tenor).  I just absolutely love it. I'm having so much fun with it! LC, 02/11
It's an outstanding instrument, Bill.  While I've always been partial to Mollenhauer, I think this might be the best great bass (Mollenhauer Denner) I've ever played, including the Kung Superio (at least, people would have to agree it rivals the Superio).  I love the "innovative" keying on the instrument (the alternative D#/Eb and G#'/Ab).  Is that a von Huene touch?  They provide a much more stable version of these sometimes weak "split" notes.  I can't wait to take it to the next meeting of the our local ARS chapter.  You will probably see me sing its praise on the Yahoo Recorder Discussion group (where I know you also post) when I let people know I'm parting with my Mollenhauer Chorus great bass. GD, 02/11
Dear Mr. Lazar, My new C-30 arrived last Tuesday, and I've been having a great time getting acquainted with it.  Both my husband and I are impressed with the quality of the cabinetry, and I'm impressed with the quality of sound.  I had my first rehearsal today (recorder, gamba, and harpsichord).  We played Telemann, Boismoitier, and Vivaldi to good effect and are looking forward to the improvement practice will bring.  And now I'll  have extra practice time available, since I won't have to tune and adjust jacks and plectra. Thanks for your prompt service.MW, 02/11
Bill. The organ (Roland C-30) sounds great in (collegium) rehearsal; even the horrified purists are enthusiastic now. MP, 02/11
Thanks, Bill.  It was great to try them (Moeck Rottenburgh & Mollenhauer Morgan Denner altos) all.  I am keeping the boxwood (Mollenhauer).  It had a nice clean tone and seemed the most responsive.  I sure loved them all.  EB, 02/11
Hi Bill.  ...By the way, I still adore the Kung Superio (cherry) tenor you sold me.  BH 02/11
Hello Bill, A little over a year ago, we purchased a Kung bass (cherry) from you, and it has been a love affair ever since.  It remains the favorite instrument in the house.  Thank you for sending it our way. DO, 02/11
Dear Bill, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am having a great time with the greatbass gemshorn.  It is a truly gorgeous instrument, both in appearance and sound.  I have enjoyed working with it this past week, and look forward to many happy experiences playing it in the future.  Thanks for you excellent website and your advice and insights. All the best, GG 02/11
Thanks, Bill!  The adjustable thumb rest is genius.  I use the neckstrap for the added support, too.  It's a BIG tenor (Kung Superio pearwood), but what a great sound. AD, 01/11
Dear Bill, My package (Moeck grenadilla Steenbergen soprano) has arrived safely. Thank you for your efficiency. The recorder is a delight - light,  refined and clear - and I am enjoying blowing it in. Thank you for the excellent care notes, too. JF, 01/11
Hi Bill, I have just picked up my recorder (Mollenhauer rosewood Morgan Denner alto) from the post office - and 15 minutes of playing has passed all too quickly!  Thank you very much for your advice. It's an instrument to treasure. LP 01/11
Hi Bill, I finally have my viol at home! I must thank you for the super protective packaging you did...I'm very satisfied, especially since I saw the way they carried the box in the warehouse in front of me....I had them open the box to be sure nothing was damaged from transportation. The instrument is in number one condition, nothing is missing and it was easy for me to put it back together and align the bridge at 90 degrees. It is as nice as I saw it on your website. I was surprised by the the small size of it....I owned one 15 years ago (7 strings) that was about 60mm wider at least....but I like this ...don't have to open my legs as much!!..comfort.....The bow is working well for my level of playing and the most important: I like the tone. MP 01/11
Thank you for the fast delivery and the help in choosing the recorder for me.  I have used it and find it so much better than the Gill. It's lighter weight, a little longer and the holes are smaller, it also takes less effort to blow.  The sound is great. I know I will enjoy playing the Mollenhauer Denner soprano for a long time. LC, 01/11
Dear Bill, My viol (Lu-Mi Bertrand 7-string bass) arrived last Wednesday, not a minute too soon!  I was feeling bad about not playing baroque cello, feeling sorry for myself and the doorbell rang, there it was, in one piece, looking great, sounding wonderful too.  Can't wait to break it in, but I love it.  Thank you thank you! RD, 12/10
Bill, Thanks for the fingering chart (for the Paetzold contrabass).  I thought the student who is playing the beast would need it.  It seems that he figured out the thumb tech with no problems and is playing it like he has played it for years.  It has given a lot of life to the bottom of the jazz group.  I can't thank you enough!  Seeing the kids take to the recorder is a shot in the arm for an almost retired teacher (this is year number 47 for me). Many thanks! JL, 10/10

Hello Bill, I just want to let you know that I LOVE the harpsichord(Roland C-30).  I don't remember how a real harpsichord touch feels like, but the Roland is just wonderful.  I've been playing on it and relearning my Bach pieces since I got the Roland. And thank you for a very smooth transaction, it's a pleasure to do business with you. Kind regards, SM, 10/10

Dear Bill, I just wanted to thank you for sending me such an excellent instrument. the Kung Superior Cherry Tenor with extra keys and thumb rest is the finest sounding tenor and the easiest one I have played.
Bill.  Thanks for making this process so easy.  I really appreciate it.  The Moeck (Rottenburgh olive soprano) is beautiful and I am sure my dad will love it. Thanks again!  MW 10/10
Hi Bill.  Thank you so much for the recorder (Moeck Flauto Rondo soprano).  It plays beautifully.  MD 10/10
Hi Bill.  I decided to keep the Mollenhauer (pearwood Morgan Denner alto). It has a lovely sound and responds well to my manner of playing.  Thank you! CA 09/10
Dear Bill.  This was - without a doubt - the best Krummhorn (Moeck DHS optimized alto in G) I have ever played.  It is only with deep regret that I say I cannot buy it. It does not match the sound of the rest of my consort and I cannot justify the money it would take to replace the rest of my consort.  I never knew a Krummhorn could sound this good, and I have played several different brands. Whoever ends up the owner of this baby is a VERY fortunate person.  At some point soon I may be replacing my consort.  I have toyed with the idea for awhile.  AND IF I do, and this is still around, I would build my consort around it's sound rather than vice versa.  SG 09/10
Thanks, Bill, for your superb service.  THe wooden "Dream" (soprano) is a remarkable instrument!  The plastic instruments are also very exciting.  GS 09/10
Hi Bill, Just wanted to let you know that the Lu-Mi 7-string (bass viol) is a wonderful instrument and that I've decided to buy it. CP 09/10
Bill.  I like the Kung Superio tenor a lot. Thanks for everything.  MW 09/10
Dear Bill, The Paetzold bass arrived in good order, and I'm thoroughly enjoying playing it. My husband, who is a skilled cabinet-maker, has been fascinated with the concept of a square recorder for years. He made a comment which I think would amuse you. Feel free to pass it on. He said, "Don't be offended, I don't mean this as an insult, but that recorder looks like something you'd buy at IKEA!" I'm still laughing about it. He loves the recorder, too.  Thanks for having the recorder for me to buy. I'm really thrilled.  MB 09/10
Hi Bill, I LOVE my tenor (bent neck YRT-304B w/2 added keys). Can't stop playing it! LC 09/10
Dear Bill.  Thanks for talking me into trying the Kung (Superio cherry tenor with keys added on holes 3 & 4).  I hadn't realized quite how much effort I was putting into playing my Fehr. Now that I'm used to the Kung, I can't use the Fehr at all. BM 09/10
Dear Bill. ...for these beautiful recorders (Moeck Rottenburgh rosewood alto, Mollenhauer Dream alto). They sound great.  Thanks for sending them so promptly.  SM 08/10
Thanks Bill.  I"m having fun with my new alto (Moeck Denner boxwood) GS 08/10
Hi Bill.  The Kung (Superio cherry) tenor arrived a couple of weeks ago in perfect condition. You certainly know how to make a parcel idiot-proof. I'm still getting used to it but have hardly had time to do more than give it its first couple of break-in days. I think it's going to have a much bigger voice than anything I've had before.  Anyway, another successful purchase and another customer impressed with your service.  GC 08/10
Hi Bill.  What a superb instrument (Kung pear Superio tenor)! I know I will enjoy it a great deal.  SH 08/10
In any case I am wonderfully pleased with the instrument (Lu-Mi decorated tenor viola da gamba).  Its need some sound post adjustment and bridge fussing as well as new strings for A392.  Mostly the difference in humidity here in upstate NY in the summer, I expect. It is a joy to play on and everyone in the consort is impressed with the loveliness of the sound. TW 08/10
Dear Mr. Lazar, Thank you for knicking the head of my recorder.  My tenor recorder is much more enjoyable to play, and your craftsmanship is superb. TE 08/10
Hi Bill, I unpacked the Tenor (Kung Superio pear) last night - had only enough time to play a chromatic scale from bottom to top and back, but WOW - what a beautiful sound!  It really knocked me out - I'm really excited! SH 08/10
Bill.  Thanks for your help in sending me this instrument (Moeck Denner alto). I think it's going to be great to play.  Perhaps I can make it down your way and play it for you.  GR 08/10
Bill: Your service amazes me.  I e-mailed you on Sunday asking to order a Mollenhauer (Kynseker) soprano, and the instrument was in my hands by Wednesday.  It's a lovely instrument, and I'm delighted with it. GS 08/10
Bill, I really appreciate your prompt and helpful service.  There really is no one else like you in the business!  I decided to buy from you in large part because of your great reputation.  Your customers are so very blessed to have the opportunity to actually try out instruments before they buy.  I know how risky this is for you.  Risk aside, I think that what you are doing is remarkable.  I will be most gentle and will return what I decide not to purchase in unblemished condition, using your original packaging. You can expect more business from me in the future! JJ 08/10
Dear Bill.  Thank you!  Great doing business with you. I look forward to a long business relationship.  DM 07/10
Thanks, Bill.  I love my Dream! SC 07/10
Dear Bill, Here is the check for one grenadilla (Wenner Palanca) Baroque flute. I am loving it. It was certainly worth the wait! RK 07/10

A truly very good viol! Hello dear Bill, I have been playing this (Lu-Mi decorated) tenor viol quite a bit since Friday, and it truly is a pleasure to play. The sound is still rich and filled with harmonics, and changing the two bottom strings to copper-wound ones did the trick and evened out the richness. RM 07/10

Bill.  With huge thanks for my fabulous (Kung Superio contra) bass.  KB 07/10
Bill, The (YRT w/added keys) tenor came last Friday!  What a joy to be able to reach all the keys and play it.  I've been slowly adding more practice time with it. Thank you so much! MG 07/10
Mr. Lazar,  My (Roland digital harpsichord) C-30 arrived today in perfect condition, and after following the directions most carefully, we have it up and running. 
 I find it even more delightful than I had imagined.  Thanks for working with me to bring this instrument into my home. AL 07/10
Thanks again for your great service! KB 06/10
As always, well done! (Kung bass endpin installation) LG 06/10
My tenor middle joint with keys arrived today.  What a difference the keys make!  Thanks so much. ST 06/10
I am so pleased with the Kung (cherry Superio tenor and bass) recorders you sent to me last week.  My friend and playing partner decided she wanted the second tenor after we played some duets together. We are looking forward to many years of beautiful music from our instruments. PW 06/10
Hi Bill, Yes, I have had some time to play (the Roland C-30 digital harpsichord) this week (finally) and I really like it--I find it very satisfying. Dan and Irene used theirs at the concert at on Sunday and the audience seemed to be very impressed. No problem with volume. ST 06/10
The instruments (Moeck Flauto Rondo altos and soprano) arrived today and they are beautiful.  I appreciate all your efforts in correspondence.  Both Dock and I are pleased with the level of customer service you have given.  We will be in touch once the next urge to buy an instrument strikes! (which could be very soon).  BL 05/10
I thank you for your kind & attentive service.  I'm already getting attached to my new Kung (Superio) tenor.  A lovely sound--and goes so nicely with the flute. JB 05/10
The recorder joint with the added key has arrived and I have already tried it. Now I can play for one hour without worrying about the stretch pain on my hand. No doubt, this 4th-hole key is a top plus on a Tenor Recorder. LT, 04/10
Bill.  Thanks again for all your help.  I love the instrument (Yamaha YB-61 wooden bass) and plan to have a lot of future enjoyment from it.  SB 04/10
BTW, the Kung Superio cherry bass has a wonderfully full low register! GW 04/10
Bill: I love my new Kung (Superio) Tenor in Olivewood- it has such a wonderful clear tone and the C/C# key stretch is no problem at all. WA, 4/10
Thanks, Bill for sending the 3 Kung alto Superios on trial. ...Thanks for all your help.  It's a pleasure to deal with you...and I'm still in love with the used Denner Tenor I purchased 2 years ago from you.  KB, 2/10
Dear Mr. Lazar:  Thank you for your solicitous assistance and amazingly speedy delivery of my new recorder!  In this great world of greedy commerce, rarely does one find such swift and personalized service.  I wanted to get you paid, but also to convey appreciation from a very happy customer, myself!  I know it is only one small, plastic recorder, not some large or expensive order.  So, that seem all the more reason to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you.  AMR, 2/10
Dear Bill, Thank you for all your help and for the beautiful Kung (olive Superio tenor). NF, 2/10
Bill, You made this a very pleasant business experience; not always the case these days!  If we decide to get a second one (Moeck Flauto Rondo alto, w/keys; Chris is very impressed, may want one of his own), I will be ordering from you... CB 02/10
Bill, The cello (Lu-Mi Servais Strad) is awesome. Strong, even, full, rich ringing sound. ML 01/10
The Kung bass recorder (pear 2601) is just terrific. I love it and I know I will have it and enjoy playing it for years to come. MZ 01/10
The recorder roll (Cavalarro) was a success.  I thank you for getting it to me so promptly.  DB 12/09
The rosewood recorder (Moeck Rottenburgh soprano) is a beautiful instrument!  Sound great too!  Thanks you so much! D&KF 12/09
Bill.  Many thanks for your consideration, assistance, and advice with this matter. The instrument (Moeck pear Rottenburgh soprano) is beautiful! GC 12/09
Aloha Bill.  What wonderful service!  Thank you. LL 12/09
Thanks for the lovely recorder.  12/09
Thanks so much for the prompt deliver. I am already enjoying playing this tenor recorder (Yamaha knick + added keys).  With much appreciation. EK 11/09
Bill. Thanks for your help.  It was a pleasure finding a recorder (Moeck Flauto Rondo alto w/keys) this way! JG 11/09
Bill, Thank you so much for this most excellent instrument (Moeck Rottenburgh pear soprano).  Very nice mellow tone; just what I wanted.  CP 11/09
Thanks.  Great instrument (Yamaha tenor with extra keys) RP 11/09
Thanks, Bill.  The Kung (Superio) tenor is perfect for me.  It's going to be so much fun learning to play it.  M. is going to love the Dream tenor. The only problem is keeping it in the closet until Christmas!  HB 11/09
Bill.  The tenor plays much easier.  The new key is great.  Thanks. BD 11/09
Dear Bill... It all arrived this morning. The tenor (Kung Studio bent neck) is wonderful, the recorder stand is in use and the viol stand excellent.  All very exciting. Many thanks. DF 11/09
Bill: Many thanks.  Crumhorns enjoyed by all (humans--not my pup). Cheers. KB 10/09
Bill:   Thank you for such quick service--it is a pleasure to buy from someone who knows his product (Paetzold contrabass) and is honest about the differences (or lack thereof)  between various options.  PH 09/09
Dear Bill:  Thank you so much for your remarkable service in getting the Moeck Renaissance Consort Great Bass to me so quickly...I was very pleased that the instrument plays nicely in tune.  GS 09/09
Dear Bill: Thanks for getting the key added.  IT will be so much easier to play Bb now!  MW 09/09
Dear Bill:  My friend loves it (bent neck Yamaha tenor with added keys)!  She's been struggling with her old tenor and the knick modification plus keys has made all the difference for her.  Her husband and the other players in our recorder quintet all went in together to get this for her.  She says it's the best birthday present ever!  Thanks for your help! JS 08/09
Hi Bill - I just love the bent neck (Yamaha plastic) tenor I got from you.  You have no idea what a difference that has made for me.  Thank you. BC 08/09
The recorder (Mollenhauer Morgan Edition Denner alto, ME-1219) is great!  Thank you!  SB 08/09
I love the (Kung Superio cherry) bass.  Makes me want to play better and that's what it's all about. JM  07/09
Last night J played the new (Kung Superio cherry) bass during our music rehearsal.  WOW.  What a beautiful sound.  It really added to the ensemble and played in excellent tune.  I think we found one note that needs to be watched for over-blowing, but otherwise, it blended beautifully with a really nice, rich tonal quality.   Now I'm horribly jealous and want a better bass myself. BUT I will have some self-control and enjoy listening to J.  KB 07/09
I love my new (Lu-Mi decorated bass) viol and I hope to play it for many years! GK 07/09
I'm very happy with the (Moeck Renaissance Consort) G alto.  Thanks. GS 06/09
It's a great instrument (Lu-Mi large Baroque Strad viola)-- I'm so happy with it. ... quite impressed with the craftsmanship of the instrument. ... and the viola and I are incredibly happy with each other.  Thank you for this wonderful instrument MB 06/09
Bill. It was a pleasure purchasing my alto recorder from you.  Thank you for shipping it so quickly--it arrived just in time for my first lesson.  I look forward to working with you for future recorder and sheet music needs.  KJ 06/09
Bill.  I love the recorders (Yamaha plastics); thanks for the quick, simple & friendly service. E.B 05/09
Just want to let you know I'm thoroughly enjoying all my recent purchases from you at the Columbia Gorge Early Music Workshop. (Mollenhauer Morgan Edition Denner alto in 440, recorder stand, Mighty Brite light). They are all very solid products I've put to great use immediately, and well. The Mollenhauer is an excellent step up, I'm finding, even if it's not the top of the line, which I can't afford yet. (One day). I'm quite happy with it. Just fyi, thanks, J.G. 05/09
Bill. The instrument (Lu-Mi 7-sring bass viol) is beautiful and just as I ordered it -- I've had a chance to tune up the strings and play a little this evening, and I think the 11-month wait was worth it!  ...Thanks for all your work in getting this instrument ordered, created and delivered - I will certainly recommend your shop to fellow gambists (or other early music players)!  Sincerely,  D.O. 05/09
Dear Bill, Thanks for your advice.  The Kung (Superio great bass) has a far superior tone.  I love it! R.T. 05/09
Bill, That Kung (Superio) tenor has the most beautiful tone I have ever heard (as do its big brothers).  And the new (Moeck Rottenburgh) sopranos of course....mmmm.  And then there is my 'old' standby awesome (Moeck Denner) alto!  Thanks, Kate 05/09
Hi Bill--I played with my group last night and am even more impressed with the instrument (Lu-Mi decorated treble viol). As we finished the first Pavan, 3 of the 4 other players simultaneously said "Wow!"  The sound of the treble in the consort is really magnificent - beautiful blend while more resonant than any of us had ever heard in a treble. And thank you!!! Lucy 05/09
Hi Bill.  The Superio (Kung alto) is great!  I love how it sounds!  Thanks. Bruce 05/09
Thanks, Bill.  I love the instrument!  What a beauty! Steve 04/09
Thanks, Bill.  It's a great little recorder.  Margaret 03/09
Thanks, Bill.  The Paetzold CtB is working beautifully!, Sybil 03/09
Dear Bill,  Thank you, again, for the kind trial set of tenor (Yamaha plastic bent neck, keys added on middle joint) recorder parts!  Being able to try all possible combinations helped me to quickly decide what worked best.  The tenor is so much fun to play!  Susan 03/09
Bill.  The Kung (Superio) great bass is just that--great!  It plays easily and produces a wonderful sound.  My ensemble will be thrilled!  Connie, 3/09
Hi Bill, I love the (Ymaha plastic) tenor recorder you sent.  It sounds/plays great. The bent neck and the keys are just great. Thanks. Cynthia, 3/09
Thanks for the great choices. Pam, 2/09
Dear Bill.  It's a scary thing buying an instrument by mail.  I like the way you do business.  And I love my tenor recorder.  All the best.  Ward, 2/2009
Great recorder--lots of fun to play.  Nancy, 10/08
Dear Bill.  What a great horn (Kung contrabass)! Best $5 grand I ever spent! John
Dear Mr. Lazar.  Thank you for the very generous way you have managed a viola da gamba sale with my daughter.  She is pleased with her new instrument.  C. 4/2008
Dear Bill.  I am delighted with my new contrabass (Paetzold), and I look forward to receiving the 2-piece stand. Thank you. L., 9/2006