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 About the Peter Bressan Recorders Instrument maker Peter Bressan (1663-1731), who emigrated from France to England, appears to have exclusively made recorders. Thus he achieved an extremely high quality of craftsmanship, which can be seen on his recorders to this day. Ralf Ehlert's copies are based on recorders that are held...
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About the Ganassi Recorder In his treatise 'Opera intitulata Fontegara', Sylvestro Ganassi dal Fontego describes instruments that can achieve a scale of more than two octaves with the help of special fingerings. Only a few of these recorders have survived until today and it is not clear to what extent...
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About the Anonymous Soprano In 1985, an antique dealer discovered in a Venetian Palazzo a two-section descant recorder, which must have been made in the second half of the 17th century. This instrument is currently in the private collection of Peter Thalheimer, who lent it to Ralf Ehlert for the...
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About the Rosenborg Recorders In 1978, Eva Legêne, discovered two ivory recorders that had been stock-listed since 1673 at Rosenborg Castle (near Copenhagen). The two instruments differ strongly in quality. The better of the two was playable over more than two octaves with standard baroque fingering. It is probably the...
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About Ralf Ehlert Recorders The recorders Ralf Ehlert makes today are near copies of original instruments from the Baroque era. Ehlert believes in maintaining the diversity of the past. The stylistic differences between various recorder makers used to be enormous, especially when they worked long distances from each other and...
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About the Anciuti Recorders Ralf Ehlert's Anciuti recorders are modeled after those by Johannes Maria Anciuti. Very little is known about Anciuti. His artfully built instruments show stamps which indicate Milan as their origin. Occasionally, a date spanning between 1709 and 1741 is marked on the instruments. A number of original...
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 About the Stanseby Recorders Thomas Stanesby, Sr. was born in 1668 in Moorly Lyme, Derbyshire. Little is known about him, apart from the existence of twenty of his instruments, some of them of superb quality. He established his workshop in London and was succeeded by his son after he died...
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 About the Rottenburgh Recorders Initially from Salzburg, Austria, the members of the Rottenburgh family were renowned as musicians and composers as well as makers of woodwind and string instruments. Ralf Ehlert's Rottenburgh recorders are modeled after originals from Joannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh and are both to be found in the Museum...
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 About the Denner Recorders Johann Christoph Denner, born 1655 in Leipzig, was a member of an established instrument-making family. After his apprenticeship as a horn turner and maker of hunting signals, he specialized in the making of woodwind instruments. It is believed that he adopted the new type of baroque...


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