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Ordering Information


Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  You can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first.

Many people have told me how much they enjoy my bringing my store of instruments to workshops so that they can try many different ones over the course of a few days.  This makes their decision-making process much easier. 

Obviously, when ordering by mail, I can't send you my whole store of instruments to try, but I do try to come as close as is reasonably possible.  All instruments can be ordered on approval--you are not charged until you decide.  I am happy to send out two or more instruments for you to compare.  For instance, I could send out two or three rosewood altos, or rosewood, pearwood, grenadilla and  boxwood altos for you to sample.  Then you can play them (please, no more than 15 minutes per day, just as if you were starting the breaking-in process), let your friends try or listen to them, and let a teacher try them.  This gives you some feedback on your choice, and gives you more confidence in your decision. 

I want you to be satisfied with your instrument, and feel under no obligation to buy it if you don't like it.  A normal time for deciding is approximately one week.  I, of course, require that any returned instruments be in like-new condition (see below).  Whether you decide to buy an instrument or not, all I ask is that you pay for shipping costs both ways.

Special orders that I normally don't stock, like adding aftermarket keys to wooden tenors, are not returnable, so please be sure to discuss your requirements with me before you order.

Once you have decided on a purchase, I will bill you. 

Email, call or write me to order or discuss your needs.  Again, you can't order from my web site--I like to discuss your order with you first. 


I had an instrument returned that smelled of cigarette smoke.  The customer did not smoke, but a visitor did.  I haven't yet succeeded in removing the smell.  I can't sell a smoky instrument, so I do not want to send instruments on approval to households where people are allowed to smoke.  If a smoky-smelling (or mildew-smelling) instrument is returned to me, I will not accept it, and you will have bought it, since it is no longer in like-new condition.  In my experience, hardly any recorder players smoke, so this should be a rare occurrence.  So please, no smoke, mildew or lipstick, and brush and floss your teeth before playing--all things you should do if the instrument were yours.  I hope you understand this policy.


Shipments should be inspected for damage upon receipt.  Save ALL packing materials until you determine that all items have arrived in good condition, as packing materials will need to be given to shipping company for inspection for any insurance claims to be approved.  If a claim is denied because of lack of saved packing materials, I will regrettably have to hold you responsible for the damage or loss.



Please contact me before returning instruments. For returns, please pack all wooden instruments in a airtight sealed plastic bag if shipping by air--priority services like Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx express services, UPS express services, etc.  Instruments dry out under the low air pressure and dry air conditions of air services. This causes instruments to change dimensions, often irreversibly, resulting in tuning and voicing changes. Airtight means, for instance, a ziplock bag carefully sealed, or an intact plastic bag with open end folded over several times and carefully taped firmly shut along the whole length of the seam. I have taken this care with the instruments I have shipped to you and appreciate your doing the same with instruments you return to me.


I give you 30 days from the shipment date to pay me for instruments or other items you keep.  However, since I have had a couple of, shall we say, recalcitrant payers, I've decided to institute interest charges and late fees.  The interest charges are 1.75% per month after the first 30 days.  I also will impose a $25 per month late fee for each month the payment is late.  These charges will be imposed only on customers who abuse my lenient policies and who are blatant in delaying or refusing to pay on time.  Ordering from me constitutes an agreement to these terms. If you fail to pay the amount that I think you owe me, I may report you as delinquent and send the account for collection action. This will result in a negative entry on your credit report.

I charge a $3 handling charge on orders over $10. For smaller orders, I charge a $5 handling charge.

Refunds on items that are charged to a credit card will result in a 2.5% restocking fee, since my merchant account does not refund me these fees

Customers are responsible for shipping costs, whether a purchase is made or not.

Defects in materials and workmanship are covered by the manufacturers' warranties, where applicable.  In some cases, I can take care of warranty repairs or replacements. In other cases, you may have to send the instrument to the warranty repair shop, or back to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement parts.  In any case, you agree to abide by the terms of these warrranties, in lieu of all other recourses. 

Instruments played and returned after the normal 1-2 weeks approval time may be charged a restocking fee, unless you obtain permission to keep it longer. The following applies to instruments returned in damaged (not like-new) condition.  You can buy the instrument and we'll send it back to you, or we can repair it or send it back to the manufacturer for refurbishment, at your expense.

I very occasionally send out emails with information on new items or notices of sales. If you don't wish to receive such emails, please let me know.

Ordering instruments from me constitutes an agreement to the above terms, conditions and requirements.


I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks, all in U.S. denominations only.  
I accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  PayPal charges exorbitant fees.  I don't accept it. VisaMasterCard