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Available By Special Order
Protective canvas bag for storing and transporting Paetzold recorder stands Sizes available: bass, greatbass, contrabass, subgreatbass Suitable for cross, crosshead, and twin stands
Available By Special Order
Stand styles: Cross Crosshead (not pictured) Twin Stands unfold and fit into canvas protective bags (sold separately).
Available By Special Order
Cross-style stand for SOLO tenor Paetzold recorder. 
Available By Special Order
Fine paintbrush for oiling the labium of recorders. View our recorder oiling instructions here.
Holds recorders (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), flutes, whistles, or pipes Comes with 2 sopranino/soprano pegs, 2 alto, 1 tenor, and 1 bass Six removable pegs screw into bass and can be reconfigured as desired. Contact us to inquire about purchasing pegs individually. Pegs fit into storage chamber in base...
Available By Special Order
Duet 2 Specifications Four different light level options Dual flexible arms allow for great light coverage Two light heads, each with two large LEDs Sensor switches on each lighting head require just a tap to turn on one or both LEDs Optical grade lens provides evenly distributed light with no...
Recorder cream for plastic recorder in small tub Apply to joints for easy assembly and disassembly
Quick look
Wooden cleaning rod Sold without swab Available for sopranino/soprano, alto/tenor, and bass
Available By Special Order
Designed for use with all hardwood recorders. All items contained in canvas, zippered pouch. Available for Sopranino/Soprano and Alto/Tenor. Kit Includes: Recorder Oil Anti-Condensation Fluid (Duponol) Oil Brush Artist Brush for Oiling Oiling Instructions Note: Pearwood and maple are softwoods and do not need to be oiled. Duponol can be...
Padded neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass and great bass recorder
Quick look
Available By Special Order
Webbed neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass recorder
Available By Special Order
Foam padded neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass recorder
We sell a variety of brass, screw-on attachments: Model A: Neck strap hook Model B: Combination thumb rest and neck strap hook, two screws Model C: Combination thumb rest and neck strap hook, three screws Model D: Combination adjustable thumb rest and neck strap hook Model E: Adjustable thumb rest...
Durable black leather soft case Tri-fold design with velcro seal Available for sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor with key, and bent-neck tenor
Durable black cotton with leather hem Tri-fold design with velcro seal Available for sopranino, 2-part soprano, alto, tenor, and bent-neck tenor
Available By Special Order
Durable fabric recorder rolls Suitable for soprano, alto, and/or tenor recorders Small Roll: - 3-5 instruments- 700g- 9 slots with extra slot for brushes, swabs, etc. Large Roll: - 4-7 instruments- 1000g- 12 slots with extra slot for brushes, swabs, etc.
Hard leather case with clasps Suitable for all Moeck models except Stanseby, Hotetterre, Ehlert, Kynseker, Renaissance Sizes: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, tenor with bent neck, Duet (SA), Quartet (SSAT), Quintet (SSATB) Note: Quartet and Quintet cases not suited for bent neck instruments    Size Dimensions Weight Sopranino 20.5 x 9.5...
Hard, zippered case Coated in fabric and leather Designed for Kung Superio recorders Available for soprano (two-piece), alto, tenor, and bent neck tenor
Bag designed for Kung Studio recorders 100% cotton material Available for ssoprano, alto, and tenor
Soft red (soprano, alto) or tan (tenor) cotton material Soft leather lining Three slots in all cases should fit most standard recorders Small slot for a swab stick Small pocket for cork grease Made in Germany by Mollenhauer


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