Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the types of wood?

Different wood types vary in their sound quality – their tone, character, and sharpness of sound. These elements often determine whether the instrument is best suited for a particular genre, for blending in ensembles, for solo performance, etc. Generally, the harder the wood, the stronger the sound. But each wood has its own particular characteristics. Read more about choosing the right wood type here.


Why are some wood types so expensive?

The price of each wood type is determined by a number of factors. Harder woods tend to be more difficult to work with and require more time in the workshop. Some woods are also scarcer than others and can be difficult to source or may require special approval to use. Generally, the more expensive woods are more durable and have a higher quality sound, but fine instruments can be found in nearly any type of wood. Learn more about different wood types here.


Do I need a modification for my instrument?

When a traditional recorder is causing discomfort or pain, a variety of modifications can be made to facilitate healthful playing. Bent necks can alleviate wrist discomfort, while added keys can help with reach issues. Some players need both modifications or even additions such as thumb rests and neck straps to find a comfortable solution. Click here to learn more about which modifications may be right for you.


Which recorders are best for beginners?

We have curated a collection specifically for beginners and school-age children. Click here to view the collection or contact us for advice.


Can I sell my used instrument with you?

Yes! We do sell instruments on consignment. You can view our Consignment Form for an explanation of our terms and contact us to see if we are currently accepting instruments.


Do you do appraisals?

We will do appraisals on instruments that have been purchased from us. 


What does it mean to try an instrument on approval?

Because so many of our customers cannot travel to our shop to try instruments themselves, we offer the option of ordering instruments on approval so you can try instruments without committing to a purchase. We will send instruments to you for a one-week trial and you can keep any you like or send them all back for only the cost of shipping. Click here to learn more about trying instruments on approval.


What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days of receipts of purchase provided the instruments are still in like-new condition. If an instrument does need to be returned, it must be packaged in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent damage from changes in humidity. Click here to see our full shipping & returns policy.


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