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$3 to $22
Please note: Orders for thumb rests with moleskins and/or neck strap holes can take up to two weeks to ship. Contact us with any questions. Snap-on, plastic thumb rest for recorder Available for sopranino (not pictured), soprano, alto, and tenor recorders Works well for any kind of recorder Variations: Standard: good...
$3 to $23
Microfiber cleaning mop recorder Useful for moisture removal and cleaning after playing Available for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass/great bass Colors vary
$8 to $13
Oiling brush for hardwood recorders Available for sopranino/soprano, alto/tenor, and bass View our oiling instructions here
Designed for use with all hardwood recorders. All items contained in canvas, zippered pouch. Available for Sopranino/Soprano and Alto/Tenor. Kit Includes: Recorder Oil Anti-Condensation Fluid (Duponol) Oil Brush Artist Brush for Oiling Oiling Instructions Note: Pearwood and maple are softwoods and do not need to be oiled. Duponol can be...
$3 to $5
Wooden cleaning rod with a swab for recorder Useful for oiling and quick moisture removal Available for soprano, alto, and tenor Made by Mollenhauer
Duponol is a dilute detergent used to prevent clogging due to condensation in the windways Suitable for all recorders Manufactured and bottled on site Sold in 1oz (~15mL) dropper bottles Read more about how to use duponol in our Wooden Recorder Care Guide or our Plastic Recorder Care Guide
Quick look
$13 to $27
Soft cases for soprano, alto, tenor and soprano/alto combination Black cotton material with blue lining Should fit most standard instruments Small slot for a swab stick Small pocket for cork grease Made in Germany by Mollenhauer
Bore oil for hardwood recorders Manufactured and bottled on site Contains sweet conola oil with vitamin E added for preservation Sold in 1oz (~15mL) dropper bottle View our recorder oiling instructions here
Quick look
Grease stick for recorders with cork tenon joints.
Quick look
Self-adhering, wooden thumb rests for recorder Fits alto and tenor recorders Available in rosewood, pearwood, boxwood, or grenadilla
$85 to $309
Hard Cases for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and various combinations of sizes Fit most standard recorders Maximum protection: constructed from wood, plush-lined interior Covered with artificial leather Room for swab stick(s) and cork grease Made in Germany by Mollenhauer
Webbed neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass recorder
Quick look
$27 to $40
Soft red (soprano, alto) cotton material Soft black leather lining Three slots in all cases should fit most standard recorders Small slot for a swab stick Small pocket for cork grease Made in Germany by Mollenhauer
Cork grease tub for recorder by Moeck
Quick look
$25 to $27
Self-adhesive thumb rest in rosewood Available for alto and tenor recorders Made by Mollenhauer 
$38.95 to $98.90
Hard, zippered case Coated in fabric and leather Designed for Kung Superio recorders Available for sopranino, soprano (two-piece), alto, and tenor
Recorder Maintenance Kit Parts: anticondens (duponol) recorder oil joint grease stick cleaning rod, wood cleaning rod, plastic oiling brush small painter's brush pipe cleaner maintenance instructions
Quick look
$141 to $166
Holds recorders (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), flutes, whistles, or pipes Comes with 2 sopranino/soprano pegs, 2 alto, 1 tenor, and 1 bass Six removable pegs screw into bass and can be reconfigured as desired. Contact us to inquire about purchasing pegs individually. Pegs fit into storage chamber in base...
$4 to $8
Wooden cleaning rod Sold with soft, cotton swab Available for sopranino/soprano, alto/tenor, and bass
$53 to $100
Hard zippered case covered in fabric Designed for Moeck Rottenburgh sopranino (4100-4107), soprano (4200-4208), alto (4300-4308), and tenor (4400-4427) Does NOT fit Moeck Rottenburgh bent-neck tenor, tenor PLUS, or bass recorders


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