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Excellent condition European boxwood Tuned to a=440 Hz Modeled after JC Denner Includes the reed + staple Comes in a soft felt bag - not fitted to instrument Comes with fingering chart and maintenance instructions
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Excellent condition Tuned to a=415 Hz Comes with two reeds Comes in soft canvas slip case
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6 strings 67 cm New peghead tuners Hard case included Recently repaired split seam in upper bout Great condition Plays very well - strong, smooth tone throughout all registers
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Great condition 6-string; 54 cm string length Shows signs of use, but still plays beautifully Has one cello peg because original peg needs a new hole drilled; original peg comes with instrument Comes with a bow and soft case
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Available By Special Order
Good condition Shows signs of use, but still plays well
Excellent condition 6-string; 70 cm string length Superb sound: rich, resonant bass and singing upper register Decorated scroll Slight scuff on upper left shoulder (see picture) Comes in a hard case
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Excellent condition Tuned to a=440 Plays beautifully Nice, sweet tone SN: 313
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Great condition Maple Tuned to a=440 Hz Two-piece construction Low end is breathy, but in tune Good mid- and high-end  Open Renaissance sound Baroque fingering Very slight thumbhole wear
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Excellent condition Black resin Manufacturing date: 2014 mouthpiece included
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Excellent condition Stained European boxwood Tuned to a=415 Hz Revoiced SN: 4319
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Very good condition Stained maple Tuned to a=440 Hz Old model but plays strongly Comes with hard case
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Excellent condition Grenadilla a=440 Hz Shows signs of use, but it plays beautifully Comes with a hard case
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Excellent condition Resin Manufacturing date: 2012 mouthpiece included
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