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Microfiber cleaning mop recorder Useful for moisture removal and cleaning after playing Available for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass/great bass Colors vary
Oiling brush for hardwood recorders Available for sopranino/soprano, alto/tenor, and bass View our oiling instructions here
Snap-on, plastic thumb rest for recorder Available for soprano, alto, and tenor recorders Works well for any kind of recorder We can add moleskin to the thumb rest for an extra charge (recommended for wooden instruments in particular)
Duponol is a dilute detergent used to prevent clogging due to condensation in the windways Suitable for all recorders Manufactured and bottled on site Sold in 1oz (~15mL) dropper bottles Read more about how to use duponol in our Wooden Recorder Care Guide or our Plastic Recorder Care Guide
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Bore oil for hardwood recorders Manufactured and bottled on site Contains sweet conola oil with vitamin E added for preservation Sold in 1oz (~15mL) dropper bottle View our recorder oiling instructions here
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Self-adhering, wooden thumb rests for recorder Fits alto and tenor recorders Available in rosewood, pearwood, boxwood, or grenadilla
Cork grease tub for recorder by Moeck
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Self-adhesive thumb rest in rosewood Available for alto and tenor recorders Made by Mollenhauer 
Designed for use with all hardwood recorders. All items contained in canvas, zippered pouch. Available for Sopranino/Soprano and Alto/Tenor. Kit Includes: Recorder Oil Anti-Condensation Fluid (Duponol) Oil Brush Artist Brush for Oiling Oiling Instructions Note: Pearwood and maple are softwoods and do not need to be oiled. Duponol can be...
Available By Special Order
Grease stick for recorders with cork tenon joints.
Available By Special Order
Padded seat provides comfort through long playing sessions Height can be adjusted in 1" increments at three different heights Seat can be set straight or sloped Folds for convenient travel and storage Dimensions: 17.72 x 14.17 x 3.94 inches
Available By Special Order
The "ADJUSTRITE" Musician's Chair just may be the greatest musicians chair ever! The padded back gives you enough support to help you sit correctly, making it very comfortable for those long gigs or practice sessions. You can easily adjust the height of the chair, so it will fit both children...
WARM WHITE LIGHT The first thing you will notice when using Lotus Light is the quality of the light itself. Special LEDs diffuse the light so there are no hot spots or voids. These LEDs produce a natural, pure white color. It is not yellow like an incandescent bulb nor...
Available By Special Order
Duet 2 Specifications Four different light level options Dual flexible arms allow for great light coverage Two light heads, each with two large LEDs Sensor switches on each lighting head require just a tap to turn on one or both LEDs Optical grade lens provides evenly distributed light with no...
Available By Special Order
Webbed neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass recorder
Foam padded neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass recorder
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Padded neck strap Adjustable Designed for bass and great bass recorder
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Available By Special Order
Fine paintbrush for oiling the labium of recorders. View our recorder oiling instructions here.
We sell a variety of brass, screw-on attachments: Model A: Neck strap hook Model B: Combination thumb rest and neck strap hook, two screws Model C: Combination thumb rest and neck strap hook, three screws Model D: Combination adjustable thumb rest and neck strap hook Model E: Adjustable thumb rest...
Recorder cream for plastic recorder in small tub Apply to joints for easy assembly and disassembly
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