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$2,368 to $3,860
This Lu-Mi six-string treble viol is modeled after a 1620 original by Henry Jaye. It is the smaller of the two Lu-Mi treble viol models. The bass register does not play as well with all plain gut strings, but the high register produces a sweet tone. The plain model features good-quality,...
$13,414 to $14,149
This Lu-Mi violone in G is modeled after a 1640 original by Ernst Busch. The short string length makes this instrument ideal for rapid passages. The corpus is too small to play in low D tuning. This violone features a high-quality, fine-grain wood with a thick, glossy finish and ornate decorative purfling on...
$5,786 to $6,500
This Lu-Mi violone in A is a scaled-up copy of Richard Meares' original six-string bass viol. It could also be played in all gut D tuning as a consort bass. This instrument is ideal for 8 ft. bass lines, such as Gibbons' work. This violone features a high-quality, fine-grain wood with a...
$3,045 to $4,003
This Lu-Mi treble viol is modeled after a 1609 original by John Hoskins. It is the larger of the two Lu-Mi treble viol models. It is ideal for playing with all gut strings. The plain model features good-quality, aged wood, a matte finished, and minimal decorative purfling around the edges of...
$5,355 to $5,733
This Lu-Mi Baroque cello is modeled after an original by Domenico Montagnana. This cello is quite wide and can be difficult for smaller players to hold. It provides a dark, full bass sound. This instrument is sold in a hard case. This instrument is sold with a hard case and...
$5,355 to $5,723
This Baroque cello by Lu-Mi is modeled after a 1712 cello by Antonius Stradivarius "Davidov" - one of the most successful and most copied cello models. Lu-Mi's Stradivarius model gives a bright sound and has a narrower body that is easy to hold between the legs. It is sold with...


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