Elody1 Product

Made by Mollenhauer with airbrush designs, gloss varnish, pearwood, footjoint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp

'Premiere’ of a new type of recorder: An instrument based on the Modern Harmonic Alto with innovative cool design, powerful tone and provision for connection for use as an electric recorder.

Function: The Elody can be played in two ways.

  • Its purely acoustic sound is impressive and allows the instrument to be used as a Modern Harmonic Alto that is suitable for any musical style and context.
  • Every Elody has been fitted with a hidden pickup. The combination package includes a special cable for easy connection to any common effects unit or amplifier.
  • Category
    • Woodwinds
    • pearwood
    • maple
    • boxwood
    • plumwood
    • rosewood
    • olive
    • grenadilla
    • tulipwood
    • cherry
    • plastic
    • sopranino
    • soprano
    • alto
    • tenor
    • bass
    • contrabass
    • kung
    • kunath
    • moeck
    • yamaha
    • martin wenner
    • mollenhauer
    • pavel cip
    • lu-mi
    • berney lehmann
    • chris english
    • charlie ogle
    • pirastro
    • gamut
    $2,600 to $2,700
      Mollenhauer's Elody collection is the premiere of a new kind of recorder entirely. Based on the Modern Harmonic Alto, it features an innovative design, powerful tone, and, most unique of all, a pickup for use as an electric recorder. FunctionThe Elody can be played in two ways: Its purely acoustic sound...


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