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The design of this three-joint, single-keyed instrument is attributed to the Hotteterre family, who were famous for their development of instruments and their playing techniques in the mid 17th century. Its deep-toned and warm sound is ideal for early French Baroque repertoire. Martin Wenner's Hotteterre flute is based on an...
The cylindrically-bored Renaissance flute was employed both as an ensemble and a soloist instrument between the beginning of the 16th century and about 1680. The most common size was the tenor flute in D, with which experienced players could easily play a tonal range of three octaves. The original instruments...
Available By Special Order
Normally a consort consists of three flutes in d' and one bass flute in g. The highest flute (superio) plays mainly the highest registers whereas the third flute plays the normal tenor register. Therefore it is necessary to make these identically looking flutes in a different way and to tune...


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