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About Paetzold Recorders

Kunath's Paetzold Recorders are the result of an effort to create large recorders that are ergonomic and affordable without sacrificing quality of sound. And the Paetzold recorders are just that. The innovative design of Paetzold recorders allows for the use of cheaper materials and manufacturing techniques, resulting in much more affordable instruments. Additionally, their ergonomic key design means that even players with limited hand motion or small hands can play these large instruments comfortably. 

While Paetzold recorders are more affordable, they don't compromise the quality of sound. They produce a lovely sweet and rich tone that blends easily with other instruments. And, while other basses often fade out on the lowest notes, Paetzold instruments produce a strong sound throughout their range. The ergonomic design also allows their low instruments to have remarkably quick response time.

Kunath now produces seven sizes of Paetzold recorder - tenor (C), bass (F), greatbass (C), contrabass (F), subgreatbass (C), subcontrabass (FF), and a subsubgreatbass (CC). Their range is the same as their standard baroque recorder counterparts. Their unique design is inspired by an organ pipe, featuring a square cross-section and a tapered bore. All notes on Paetzold recorders are played with keys, with double keys on the two bottom notes. 

About Solo Series Paetzold Recorders

Kunath's Solo Series instruments are made of Resona-plastic and manufactured on professional 3D printers. The result is instruments that are 40% lighter than their Master Series counterparts, allowing for an even more ergonomic playing experience.

The Solo Series contrabass is in the key of F and tuned to a=442 Hz. The contrabass can be purchased with a direct blow head or with a blowpipe. The direct blow head can also be purchased individually.

The contrabass is sold with a black finish. All Paetzold instruments come in a plush-lined hard case.


Because of the delicate nature of our merchandise, we take great care to ensure that every order arrives safely. Every shipment is insured, and we typically require signature confirmation on wooden instruments.

In an effort to be environmentally responsible, we often reuse shipping materials. So don't be surprised if your package arrives looking a bit well-loved. However, we will never compromise on the safety of your instrument. If you have any requests or specifications, please indicate them in the comments section of your order or contact us directly.

We ship to all major countries. Customers are responsible for all import fees, taxes, etc.


Damaged or Missing Items

Shipments should be inspected for damage upon receipt. If there is a problem, save all packing materials and contact us promptly. The shipping company will need to inspect shipping materials in order to approve a claim. If a claim is denied because of missing shipping materials, we cannot offer any reimbursement or replacement.

If damage is due to a defect in material or workmanship, it may be covered by a manufacturers' warranty. See our warranty page for more information.


Special Orders

A number of our instruments are available only by special order. If you would like to make a special order, please contact us. For most special orders we require a partial deposit to get the order started. For some instruments we require the full balance at the outset. Once we receive the final product, we will contact you to pay the outstanding balance. When the full payment has been processed, we will ship the instrument.

Please note that, because special order instruments are made per request, they take longer to craft and ship than other, ready-made instruments. If timing is an issue please let us know before you place your order. We will do our best to accommodate or we will direct you to an alternative option that can be shipped in time.

All special orders are considered final sales and are ineligible for return. If there is a quality issue or the instrument has been damaged, we will work with you to have the problem fixed. 


Return Policy

Instruments can be returned within 30 days provided the instrument is still in like-new condition. If an instrument is returned damaged, stained, or smelling of cigarette smoke, mildew, etc. we cannot offer a full refund. If the instrument can be repaired, we will offer a refund less the cost of repairs. If an instrument is returned after the 30-day window, we can provide a partial refund or we can sell the instrument for you on consignment. 

Special orders are not eligible for returns or refunds. See above for more information. 

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.


How to Return

We ask that customers contact us before returning instruments. To make a return, pack up each item securely and mail it to our address

  • All wooden instruments that are shipped by air mail must be sealed in an airtight plastic bag. This includes services like Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx express, and UPS express among others. If you are not sure how your package will be shipped, use an airtight plastic bag just in case. This step is crucial as instruments dry out under the low air pressure and dry air conditions of air services. This can cause instruments to change dimensions, often irreversibly, resulting in tuning and voicing changes. If an instrument arrives in this condition, we cannot offer a full refund. If the instrument can be repaired, we will offer a refund less the cost of repairs.
  • Please insure the package for the total value of the contents and email us tracking information.

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